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Privacy Policy

In order to keep high quality content at Kalia SMS Collection we log your ip information and moderate your inputs. Also, we analyse user browsing pattern to offer a better experience.

We publish all publicly viewable/ readable content which is safe for children and people of all age groups. Also we encourage original content say SMS or any piece of genuine writing which is unique and exclusive in nature.

Any piece of information collected through our forms like mobile number, email id, etc. is not shared by any third party for a benefit which hurts the privacy of our users.

You may contact us at Send-Share SMS for any further clarification on our privacy policy.

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What makes Lazeez SMS different?

Our logo stands for IOLdot - Ik Oankaar Lazeez Dimension of Texting
By Dimension of Texting we try to reflect our ideology that is Decent, Pleasant, Pure, Gentle, Clean, Refined, Inoffensive SMS, Funny Jokes, Greetings, Wishes, Thought Provoking Wisdom Quotes, Proverbs, Dohe, Shayari, Love Messages & much more.. keeping in mind the Aesthetics of Words.

We here try to offer Unique content and no duplicacy within a category plus Exclusive descriptions for individual SMS (wherever possible). We also encourage You to share your best SMS with the World so that Everyone else out there can Enjoy too!

  • Moderated Content - Safe for people of all age groups including Children.
  • SMS API - Display SMS on your Website or Blog.
  • SMS Rating - Gives You Power to Rate Content.

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