I met 7 angels & they wanted to meet an intelligent person,
I gave them UR Address.....
Dekha, unko kaisa Ullu banaayaa!!




Purushottam shri Ramchandraji ko lanka safar ke liye
500 bandaro ki zaroorat hai.
499 pahoonch chuke hai.
sms milte hi turant niklo.



Aap kaise hain,
main yahaan kushal mangal se hun,
ab aapki tabeeyat kaisi hai,
gaaon mein barsaat hui ki nahi,
aur maaji babuji kaise hain,
gudiya ki padhaai ke liye paise ka intezaam hua?
bahu se kehna sabhi ka khayaal rakhe.
abhi zameen ka batwaaraa hua ke nahi.
kajaariya gaai kaisi hai?
chaupaal par kusroo chacha ko mera jai raam kehna.
bitiya ki shaadi ke liye paise jodna shuru kar do,
ab sayaani ho gayi hai.
tumhaaraa dooor ka paas waala dadu.
Jawaab dena.




Some facts about ur life :
1. Any similarity between u n a human being is a pure coincidence.
2. I don't know what makes u so stupid but whatever it is, it works.
3. I heard u got a brain transplant n the brain rejected you.
Plz don't thank me for insulting u.
It was my pleasure!



Kal ek sapna dekha ki
Swarag ke ek bade se haal mein
Bhagwaan Ji ne sabko apne paap likhne ko kahaa.
Maine likhna shuru hi kiya tha ki
tum chillaye-"Xtra sheet plzz....."



Samjh aya?
Spelling end ki taraf se padho..


Hindi |

Mountaineering (Mountain Climbing) Summer Vacation Trip
Hurry..!! Limited Period Offer..!! Join Today..!!
Free Bedding..!! Free Meals..!! Free 24x7 Health Chek-Up..!!
Just a few hours climbing and rest vacation weeks in hospital..


English |

Oh sms! jaake meri dost ko " I MISS U " kehna.
"SAVE" kare to "shukriya" kehna.
"DELETE" kare to "bevafa" kehna.
Aur agar "naa padhe" to us se "1 rupyaa" le lena!



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