Purushottam shri Ramchandraji ko lanka safar ke liye
500 bandaro ki zaroorat hai.
499 pahoonch chuke hai.
sms milte hi turant niklo.




Some things I like about u.....
1. ______
2. ______
3. ______
4. ______
5. ______
Arre kuch to achcha kiya hota zindagi mein!!



I am Me
and honey,
that's something
you will never be..


English |

Really you are marvellous, affectionate, noble, naughty,
unique, natural, nice, intelligent.
In short Mannunni.




Pappu- Yes sir
Bablu- Yes sir
Tinku- Yes sir
Gullu- Yes sir
Ullu- ?????
Ullu- ?????
button na dabaao, present lagaao.



Some facts about ur life :
1. Any similarity between u n a human being is a pure coincidence.
2. I don't know what makes u so stupid but whatever it is, it works.
3. I heard u got a brain transplant n the brain rejected you.
Plz don't thank me for insulting u.
It was my pleasure!



A scientist cannot be a president but Kalam did it.
A conductor cannot be a superstar but Rajini did it.
A monkey cannot operate mobile , but u mere lal..
mind blowing..u did it..



I get so emotional when you are not around.
That emotion is called Happiness.


English |

It is a fact that when babies are born
Doctors slap their face to make them start
crying n breathing so that their lungs expand.
But there are exceptional cases too,
like your's.
When you were born, the doctor slapped himself.



In a jungle two tigers running,
four elephants sleeping,
five crocodiles waiting,
ten parrots flying and
one lion sending message
to a cute chimpanzee.



Om namah shivaaye
on sai ram.. waheguru..
jai shri krishna..
daro mat, kisi ko bhejna nahi hai..
khud hi jap lo paapi.



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