Teacher: What is the name of MS Dhoni's wife ?
Student: SMS Dhoni.
Teacher: What?
Student: Sakshi Mahendra Singh Dhoni..



Teacher: Why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor..?
Student: You told me to do it without using tables.


English |

Chemical Joke:
All electrons were having party.
Suddenly protons attacked them.
A hero comes and saves them.
They asked who are you?
He said: I am Bond..Covalent Bond..



Teacher: (1)There is a frog, (2)Ship is sinking,
(3)potatoes cost Rs 3/kg. Then, what is my age..?
Student: 32 yrs.
Teacher: How do you know..?
Student: Well, my sister is 16 yrs old and she is half mad.


English |

Father: What were the two hardest things
you learnt in the college..?
Son: Opening beer bottles with teeth &
lighting 10 cigarettes with onle one match stick..



Teacher: Pappu I will give u a tight slap,
if u continue ur Non serious Behavior in the class.
Pappu: Thappad se dar nahi lagta madam
payar se lagta hai.



Teacher: Late kyun aaye?
Kid: Mummy papa ki ladaai ho gayi.
Teacher: To late kyun hue?
Kid: Mera ek joota mummy ke paas tha aur
dusra papa ke paas..



A girl comes late to class.
Prof: Why are you late?
Girl: Sir, a boy was following me.
Prof: Then how come you are late?
Girl: The boy was walking too slow.



3 student raat ko study krte the
unke paas ghadi ⌚ nahi thi
B.Sc. student - Yaar time kya ho raha hai..?
Medical student - Pata nahi yaar humare paas ghadi ⌚ nahi hai.
Commerce.student ne 1 pathar utha kar samne girls hostel ke darwaze pe maara,
1 ladki nikli or boli ..?
Kamino raat ke pone 3 baje hain ab to so jao.
Thats the commerce logic……😜😜



Hindi |

Paying money for other's mistake
will happen only in..
School, College, University in the name of


English |

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