Sometimes It Is Hard To Express How We Are Feeling But Still We Can Try.

F - Father
A - And
M - Mother
I - is
L - Loving
Y - You
So, take care of your parents allways..




Nazar milte hi kisise pyaar nahi hota,
har milne wala kabhi apna nahi hota aur
jo apna ho jaaye woh kabhi dil se dooor nahi hota..

- Muhammed Kaab


Hindi |

If you have to convince someone
you are right for them,
then maybe they are not right for you..

- Vidhi

English |


Sambhal-sambhal ke sajte hain
aaine mein woh
aur yeh bhi dekhte hain
koi dekhta na ho.



While Dad was polishing his new car,
his four year old son picked up a stone &
scratched lines on side of the car.
In his anger, Dad took the child's hand & hit it many times,
not realizing he was using a wrench.
At the hospital, his child said, "Dad, when will my fingers grow back?"
Dad was so hurt. He went back to the car and kicked it a lot of times.
Sitting back, he looked at the scratches, child wrote "I LOVE YOU DAD".

Anger & LOVE have no limits.



Do you know..?
Tears can be sometimes more special than Smile.
Smile can be given to anyone
but tears are only for those people,
whom we don't want to lose..


English |


Manjiaan utte behnde see, kol-kol rehnde si,
Sofe Bed aa gaye, dooriaan vadha gaye,
Chattan te na sonde hunn, Batan vi na paunde hunn,
Vehre de vich rukhh hunde sann, sanjhe saade dukh hunde sann,
Boohe khulle rehnde see, Aaunde jaande behnde see,
Kaan vi banere kurlaunde si, prahune vi ghar aunde si,
Cycle hunda kol si, Fer vi mel jol see,
Russe nu manaunde see, rishte nibhounde see,
Paisa bhaavein ghatt si, par matthe te na vatt si,
Kandhaan kolle kachhe see, saak sambandhi pakke see,
Ajj Lagda hai bahut kuchh paya hai, par asal vich sab gavaya hai..


Punjabi |

Definition of mixed feelings:
Watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new Mercedes..


English |

We don't always need an advice.
Sometimes all we really need is
a hand to hold,
an ear to listen , and
a heart to understand..


English |


Desh bhagton ke balidaan se swatantra hue hain hum.
Koi pooche to shaan se kahenge Bhartiya hain hum.
Happy Independence Day.



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