May the Lord's blessings
bring Peace to your home and heart
on Vishu..and always..!


English |


Orayiram kanikonnakal mansil pookunnu,
Oru Vishu kaalam koodi,
Vishu kaineetamayu ente hridayathil ninnum
Orayiram Vishu asamsakal..


Malayalam |

കാലമിനിയുമുരുളും... വിഷു വരും
വര്ഷം വരും... തിരുവോണം വരും
പിന്നെയോരോ തളിരിനും പൂ വരും കായ്‌ വരും..
- എന്‍. എന്‍. കക്കാട്


Malayalam |

This simple SMS travelled through My room,
the Roads, Buildings, Towers, Clouds, Satellites and
finally reached your mobile
Just to say Happy Vishu..!


English |

Orupidi konapoovum
Vishu kaniyum
Vishu kainetavumayi
Veendum Meda masam pularunu
Samrithiyudeyum santhoshathinteyum
snehathinteyum pradekamaya
Vishu 2011 Ashamsakal


Malayalam |

Kai Niraye Konnappoovum,
Manasu NirayeSnehavumai
Vishuvine Varavelkkam HAPPY VISHU..


Malayalam |

May this Vishu bring enormous opportunities your way.
And may all your moves be the ones that
take you nearer to your goal.
Happy Vishu..!


English |

Ormakal Koodu Kootiya manasinte Thalir chillayil,
Ponnin niramulla Orayiram Ormakalumayi,
oru Vishu koodi varavayi.
Othiri snehathode Orayiram
Vishu Asamsakal


Malayalam |

Manassilundavatte gramathin
Vishudhiyum manavum
Mamathayaum ithiri konnappoovum.
Vishu Kaniyum, Vishu kaineetavum, kali chiriyum ayi
Oru Vishu koodi
Happy Vishu Asamsakal


Malayalam |

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