I was waiting eagerly for this day
and see finally it has come.
Wishing You Good Luck and Happy Farewell..


English |

Your departure is not your absence
the tintinnabulation will be forever..


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जल्दी करो !! वेबसाइट बनवाओ

Banta: Why do they throw their caps in the air at graduation ceremony.
Santa: That's what they have earned.
Banta: What will we throw in the air?
Santa: What we have earned.
Banta: And what is it?
Santa: Kudiyaan Di Juttiyaan ..


Punjabi |

बात ऐसी हो की जज़्बात कम ना हो
खयालात ऐसे हों की कभी ग़म ना हो
दिल के कोने में इतनी सी जगह रखना
की खाली - खाली सा लगे जब हम ना हों ..

Baat aisi ho ki jazbaat kam na ho
khayalaat aise ho ki kabhi gham na ho
dil ke kone mein itni si jagah rakhna
ki khali-khali sa lage jab hum na ho..


Hindi |

रिश्तों की एहमियत बताते हैं फासले
मगर थोड़ा तड़पाते भी हैं फासले
दिलों में हों ना दूरियां यह दुआ करना
चाहे बीच में हों मीलों के फासले..


Hindi |
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Departures from one place
turn into arrivals at other.
May you be the spring
wherever you reach &
the crusade shall continue forever..


English |

Few friends are always with you.
So, in your farewell party
if you miss some faces
it means they are with you..


English |

First we never knew each other
but chains of friendship brought us together
we may or may not meet each other
but let us try not to forget each other first..


English |

Don't cry because you are leaving,
smile because you were there.


English |

Don't be dismayed by good-byes.
A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes,
is certain for those who are friends..


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May you fare well
in all situations and
in all times..
This is my farewell to You..


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