Diwali Is The Most Celebrated Festival Of India. This Year Diwali Is Falling On 27-Oct-2019.

Har diye so roshan ho aapki zindagi ki raahein,
har roshni ki kiran se roshan ho yeh fizaayein,
aapke liye Rabb se karte hain ye duaaein,
aapko Deepawali ki haardik shubh-kaamnaayein.


Hindi |


दिवाली मनाएँ मगर सावधानी से
कुछ पटाखे और बम ऐसे भी
जो फोड़े भी नहीं जाते
और छोड़े भी नहीं जाते
आते हैं पास तो होता है
सर्दी में भी गर्मी का एहसास ..


Hindi |

May the rays of Diwali Diyas
illuminate our mind, body and soul
transcending us to planes
visited never before..


English |

Diwali tyohaar ke paawan hafte mein
hum aapki zindagi mein sukh, samridhi aur khushaali
ki praarthana karte hain.
Deepawali ke tyohaar ki haardik badhaai..


Hindi |


I wish..
This Diwali brings you..
More riches to spend..
More moments to cherish..
All your Dreams come true..
Happiness for lifetime..


English |

रौशनी दिवाली की देश के दीयों से हो
इसमें मेरे वतन की मिट्टी है
पड़ोसी की LED से जाने क्यों
बारूद की महक आती है ..


Hindi |


Independence of JAVA
Power of UNIX
Popularity of WINDOWS
Luxury of .NET
Efficiency of C
Ease of VB
Robustness of ORACLE
Vastness of INTERNET
Compactness of JPG
Richness of BMP
Coverage as YAHOO
Reach-ness of GOOGLE And
Security of NORTON!!!
Many many Happy Returns of Diwali

- Hemant Singh


English |

Let's Pledge to Double the Celebrations
and Minus the Crackers this Diwali..


English |

Shubham karoti kalyaanam,
arogya dhana sampadaa,
shatru buddhi vinashaya,
deepak jyoti namastute.
Wishing you n your family,


Hindi |


Boy: Mummy, hum saare pathaake is dukaan se lenge.
Mom: Beta yeh shop nahi Girls Hostel hai.
Boy: Par papa to kehte hain ki
yahaan ek se ek pathaaka milta hai.


Hindi |

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