We Strongly Discourage Drinking Of Liquor In Any Form.

There are two things that will be believed
of any man whatsoever,
and one of them is that he has taken to drink.
- Booth Tarkington


English |


Nasha pila ke giraana to sab ko aata hai
mazaa to jab hai ke girton ko thhaam le saaqi
kahin khaali pyaale hain, kahin saagar labaalab hain
ye kya daur hai saaqi, yeh kya taqseem hai saaqi..


Urdu |

Chaand ki manind tasveer hai teri
jisko din- raat seene se liye rehta hun..
ret ki chatt hai jaane kab gire
maaf karna dost main aaj bhi peeta hun..

चाँद की मानिंद तस्वीर है तेरी
जिसको दिन - रात सीने से लिए रहता हूँ ..
रेत की छत है जाने कब गिरे
माफ़ करना दोस्त मैं आज भी पीता हूँ ..


Hindi |

रोक दो मेरे जनाज़े को
मैंने कहा रोक दो मेरे जनाज़े को
कि मुझमें जान आ गई है
पीछे मुड़कर देखो यारों
दारु की दुकान आ गई है ..

Rok do mere janaaze ko
maine kaha rok do mere janaaze ko
ki mujh mein jaan aa gayi hai
peeche mud kar dekho yaaron
daaru ki dukaan aa gayi hai..


Hindi |


Sadak par roshni sahi
fir bhi sambhal kar chaliye
yahaan har jurm ka gunhagaar
sharaabi hi hai..


Hindi |

Ek sharaabi teesri manzil se gira.
Uske aas-paas log ikat-tha ho gaye..
Kisi ne poocha: Bhai, kya hua..?
Sharaabi: Pata nahi, main bhi abhi aaya hun..


Hindi |

How to Control Alcohol drinking habit?
One good way to reduce alcohol consumption is:
Before Marriage - Drink whenever you are Sad.
After Marriage - Drink whenever you are Happy .


English |


Punish the person, not the whiskey,
Jack never did anything wrong,
and the whiskey itself is innocent.
- Kyle MacDonald,
a Jack Daniel’s drinker from British Columbia


English |

Reality is an illusion
created due to lack of alcohol.
-------------Sir Johnie Walker.



He who drinks one glass of wine a day
will live to die some other way.


English |


Sharabi: Aaj tab tak piyenge
jab tak samne wale 3 ped (Tree) 6 nahi dikh jate.
Bar manager: Bas karo kamino wahan koi ped nahi hai.



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