It Is Hard To Express Our Emotions When We Miss Someone. Although We Can't Immediately Reach Out To Hug That Special Person, Whom We Are Missing, But We Can Send Them A Sms To Share Our Feelings.

What make some people dearer
is not just the happiness that you feel
when you meet them but
the pain you feel when you miss them..


English |


Taenu mil javange aake dooor-durade ton,
mere pind ton pehla sheher tera hi aaunda ae..


Punjabi |

Achchi hai yaad teri achcha hai naam tera,
ae door rehne wale kaisa hai haal tera..
Dil mein teri yaad honton pe naam tera,
mere dil mein basne wale tujhko salam mera..


Hindi |

Kal raat chand bilkul aap jaisa tha,
wahi khoobsurti, wahi noor, wahi garoor,
aur wahi aap ki tarah bahut dooor.




Bheegi palko ke sang muskuraate hain hum,
pal-pal dil ko behlaate hain hum,
aap dooor hain humse to kya hua..
har saans mein aapki aahat paate hain hum.



Har subha aapki muskuraati rahe,
har shaam aapki gungunaati rahe,
aap jise bhi mile is tarah se mile,
ki har milne waale ko aapki yaad aati rahe.



Kehne ko lafz nahi hai koi,
likhne ko message nahi hai koi,
par itna jaante hain apna khayaal rakhiyega
aap jaisa humaare paas dusra nahi hai koi.



Bachpan ki woh amiri na jane kaha kho gayi...
warna kabhi, barish ke pani mein
hamare bhi jahaaz chala karte the...


Hindi |

Without your sms days are like this:
moanday, tearsday,
wasteday, thistday,
frightday, shatterday and
So send me sms everyday.



Mil jaati hai kitno ko khushi ,
mit jaate hain kitno ke ghum,
messages isliye bhejte rehte hain hum,
ki dooor reh kar bhi na ho apno ki muskaan kam..



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