It Is Hard To Express Our Emotions When We Miss Someone. Although We Can't Immediately Reach Out To Hug That Special Person, Whom We Are Missing, But We Can Send Them A Sms To Share Our Feelings.

Sarak gaya jis ghadi sir se naqaab uska,
le gayaa jaan meri zaalim hijaab uska,
mehekte rehte the jinse mere sham-o-sahar,
ab bhi pannon mein dabaa rakhaa hai gulaab uska,
jab bhi hoti hai koi baat shab-e-mehfil mein,
jikr hota hai her baat mein janaab uska.




Meri akkhaan de hanju
ajj v teri udeek ch ne,
mur aa ja vaeriya
tainu vaasta devan tuttiyan chooriyan ve..


Punjabi |

Dil se tera khayaal na jaaye to kya karu,
tu hi bata tu yaad aaye to kya karu,
hasrat yeh hai ki ek nazar tujhe dekh loon..
magar kismat do lamhe na laaye to kya karu.



Har subha aapki muskuraati rahe,
har shaam aapki gungunaati rahe,
aap jise bhi mile is tarah se mile,
ki har milne waale ko aapki yaad aati rahe.




Hum Aap Ko Kabhi Khoney Nahin Denge,
Juda Hona Chaha To Bhi Hone Nahin Denge,
Chandni Raton Mein Aayegi Meri Yaad,
To Meri Yaad Ke Woh Pal Aapko Sone Nahin Denge..

- Vikas Umrao

Hindi |

Someone asked what makes people HAPPY ?
Some said wealth and some said fame.
I was thinking abt this when my cell beeped
& ur sms came.
I smiled and said, "This makes me HAPPY ..."



Think twice before leaving a space
in someone's heart because
it's painful to realize how much you miss that
space when you decide to go back and
find someone has taken your place.


English |

Do you know the meaning of HAPPY ?
H - Hum
A - Aapko
P - Pal
P - Pal
Y - Yaad karte hain..


Hindi |

Your absence should be long enough so that somebody misses you.
but it shouldn't be so long that somebody learns to live without you.



Taenu mil javange aake dooor-durade ton,
mere pind ton pehla sheher tera hi aaunda ae..


Punjabi |

Chithi likhde nu kalam puchan laggi,
tu kehnu dard sunaaun lagga,
koi tainu bhi yaad karda hai,
ke ainwe apna waqt gawaaun lagga.



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