A real story from Konni, Pathanamthitta, Kerala:
A BPL family got water connection. Everyone was happy . The tap never gave any water after initial testing but after 3-4 months a bill of Rs. 480/- came in June 2024. The poor widow lady went to the local water office to complain that she had received a water bill showing meter reading zero. She also told authorities that being a BPL family she was told that no water bill will come.

The officials told her that her connection is yet to be converted to BPL and thus she has to pay the bill. They told that the connection will be converted to BPL in January 2025. Further, they directed her to an engineer. The engineer confirmed that as the water tank is still under construction so no water has been supplied to her as reflected in zero meter reading.

The lady asked them that she wants to surrender the water connection to which the officials told her that then she needs to pay panchayat penalty for agreeing to a water connection and then surrendering it. They told her that they will temporarily disconnect the connection but in case the meter reading will reflect any usage then she will face water theft charges.

Har Ghar Jal or Har Ghar Bill?
#HarGharJal #JalJeevanMission #jalshaktiabhiyan #jalshakti


English |

Suno gaur se pepsi walo
buri nazar na humpe dalo
chahe kitna dew pila lo
sabse aage hoga nimbupani
humne piya hai
tum bhiiii piiiiiiiyo


Hindi |


Garmi ke mausam mein most importantly
Dhoop mein nikla na karo roop ki rani
gora rang kala na pad jaaye..


Hindi |

कातिल निगाहों में आँसू लगते नहीं अच्छे
और बरसातों में जल्दी सूखते नहीं कच्छे ..


Hindi |

When autumn comes the hills are covered with beauty;
when spring comes every spot is perfumed with flowers.


English |

Har Pal,
Har Waqt ,
Har Din,
Har Lamha,
Har Aahat,
Har Ehsaas Aur
Dil ki Har Dhadkan Keh Rahi Hai.......

"Baap re Baap KYa THAND Pad Rahi hai.."


Hindi |

Mango ki khushbu, water melon ki bahaar,
garmi ka mausam aane ko taiyaar..
thodi si masti, thoda sa pyaar
cotton ke kapde kar lo taiyaar.
Happy Summer Season..



यह बारिश यह बिजली .. आपके लिए ..
यह वक़्त बेवक़्त का मानसून .. आपके लिए ..
6 महीने हो गए आपको नहाए हुए
यह बरसता पानी आपके नहाने के लिए ..

Yeh baarish yeh bijli..Aapke liye..
Yeh waqt bewaqt ka monsoon..Aapke liye..
6 mahine ho gaye aapko nahaahe hue
yeh barasta paani aapke nahaane ke liye..


Hindi |

बहुत दिनों से थी आसमान की साजिश
आज पूरी हो गई उनकी ख्वाहिश
भीग लो यार हमें याद करके
मुबारक हो आपको यह पहली बारिश ..

Bahut dino se thi aasmaan ki saajish
aaj poori ho gayi unki khwaahish
bheeg lo yaar humein yaad karke
mubaarak ho aapko yeh pehli baarish..


Hindi |

Let us welcome this spring
as a season full of color,
refreshing rain showers,
and warm days and cool nights
which are especially desirable
after a harsh winter..


English |

Wishing You a Happy Rainy Season!
Let there be Shower of Love
Greenery of Money
Thunder of Fame
Lightening of Power &
a small drop of memory to remember me..


English |

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