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Funny Slogans
RTO - Donate blood, but not on road.
Forest Deptt. - Shoot birds with camera,
not with guns.
Kingfisher - Fly with us, not on plane,
but with Beer..


English |


I'll admit that the Chinese kids
in math class are pretty smart
but doing it with their eyes closed
that's a bit tricky..


English |

Patient to Doctor:
Aapne nurse bahut achchi rakhi hai,
uska haath lagte hi main theek ho gayaa.
Doctor: Jaanta hun..
thappad ki aawaaz mujhe bhi sunaai di thi..



मैं गया उसकी गली में
बोला दिल से दिल लगा लो
जब देखा उसकी मम्मी को
तो बोला जूते - चप्पल ठीक करा लो ..

Main gaya uski gali mein
bola dil se dil laga lo
jab dekha uski mummy ko
to bola joote-chappal theek kara lo..


Hindi |

A guy walks into work with both of his ears bandaged up.
His boss asks, "what happened to you?"
The man replies "I was ironing my clothes
when my phone rang and
I accidentally answered my iron."
His boss then says "Well, that explains one ear,
what about the other one?"
The man says "Well, I had to call the doctor!"


English |

Aurangzeb: Senapati batao ki hum
Shivaji ko kyun nahi dhund pa rahe hain?

Senapati: Kyunki Maharaj hum Mooghal (Mughal) hain Google nahi..


English |

Jo is waqt bor ho rahe hain,
Ye PROGRAM sirf unke liye hai.

Batayen Duniya ka Pehla Traffic Signal
kaha lagaya gaya tha..?

Nahi pata..?

Jawab janiye is Break ke baad.


- Dairy milk kuch meetha ho jay

- Rishta wohi soch nai STAR PLUS

- HERO HONDA dhak dhak go

- Panteen
Katrina ki pasand aur aapki?

- Surf Excel
Dadi ek minute

- Dew
Kyunki dar ke aage jeet hai


Welcome Back..

Duniya ka Pehla Traffic Signal
Road pe lagaya gaya tha..


Hindi |

Ek conductor ki shadi ho rahi thi,
jab Dulhn phero ke waqt uske paas aa kar baithi to woh bola,
"Thoda paas ho ke baith, ek sawari aur baith sakti hai."

- Tarun Goma


Hindi |

Two hikers were walking through the woods when
they stumble upon a bear.
They immediately take off running, and
the first hiker says to the other:
Do you think we can actually outrun this bear?
The second hiker replies:
I don't have to outrun the bear,
I only have to outrun you..


English |

If a Fat Girl is waiting for bus at bus stop
what will you call her in One Word..?
Answer - MotiVating..


Hindi |

Saddam(Narak mein): Yamraaj ji, mujhe pakistan baat karni hai.
Yamraaj: Karlo.
After the call..
Saddam: Kitne rupae hue..?
Yamraaj: Narak to narak calls free hain.



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