Zindagi rahi to tumhara hi saath nibhaunga dosto,
bhool jaun to samajh lena shaadi kar li hai..


Hindi |


Jald-baazi mein shaadi karoge
to saara jeevan bigaad loge,
aur agar soch-samajh kar karoge
to bhi kya sudhaar loge..


Hindi |

Okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. Bye.
Okay. Okay.
Han. Han.
Thik hai.

-most husbands
on the phone
with wife ...!!


Hindi |

LISTEN and SILENT are two words,

they have the same letters but in different order.
Amazingly, both are a sad tribute to all husbands..


English |

Patient: Kya lambi umar ka koi nuska hai..?
Doctor: Shadi kar lo.
Patient: Kya shadi karne se umar lambi hoti hai..?
Doctor: Nahi, lekin fir lambi zindagi ka khayaal man se nikal jaata hai.


Hindi |

If you are in Love :
Make the best of it.
Don't doubt anything.
Enjoy it because nothing lasts forever.

If you just broke us:
Don't cry.
Remember that you had a good time.
Never stay alone.
Your friends are there.
Hug more people.
Stop listening to sad music, it will only make things worse.

If you are single:
Stay happy .
Hang out with friends and family.
Try looking for someone who you think is best for you.

If you are married:
Game Over.
Delete this message.


English |

Jb kisi per bura waqt aata hai to uske dost aur
parivaar waale uske saath khade hote hain..
Yakin na ho to.
kisi ki bhi Shaadi ka Album dekh lena..


Hindi |

It does not hurt if the spouse slaps.
But it hurts if neighbor sees it..


English |

A husband and wife were celebrating
their golden wedding anniversary.
The husband proudly told that
there was not a single instance
when they had fought in all the 50 years.
Someone asked the secret and the husband told,
"It was our honeymoon and we were riding on horses.
Suddenly, the horse went out of control
and my wife fell down.
On this my wife said this is the first time and
she ride the horse again.
After a few minutes the horse went out of control again
and again my wife fell down.
This time my wife said this is the second time and
she ride the horse again.
But sadly the horse went out of control again
and again my wife fell down.
This time my wife stood up,
took out a pistol from her bag and
shot the horse down.
Seeing this, i just got angry and
shouted on my wife in front of everyone stading there.
When i stopped, my wife said this is the first time.
And from that day i never let her say
this is the second time."


English |

No man is truly married
until he understands
every word his wife is NOT saying.


English |

Shaadishuda mard udaas hota hai,
to yaar dost puchhte hain, kya hua?
Jawab hota hai.. Yaar kuchh nahin,
teri bhabhi se “Kahasuni” ho gayi..
Jabki “Kaha” kuch nahi hota,
sirf “Suni” hoti hai..


Hindi |

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