First sip of morning tea
First ray of sunshine
First twitter of birds and
the my First SMS of today
all gathered to wish you a Wonderful Day..


English |

A very special morning
knocking at your door with
Lots of Joys, Love , Fun & Blessings.
Come on get-up & receive them.
Wish You a Very Sweet Day!


English |

Good morning
A special coffee for you,
mixed with love and affection.
Have a Beautiful Day !

- Rahul Singh

English |

Na mandir
na bhagwaan
na pooja
na snaan
din hote hi hamara sabse pehla kaam
ek pyara sa sms apne dost ke naam
Good Morning ..


Hindi |

Night has ended for another day,
moening has come in a special way.
May you Smile like the sunny rays and
leaves your worries at the blue-blue bay..


English |

Special Tea for You..
I mixed it with Love and Happiness..
but there is no sugar
because i know that you are very SWEET!!


English |

Let this day mark a new beginning
let this day sing a song
let this day bring peace and serenity
let this day be witnessed..


English |

Night has gone and moon too.
Sun has arrive with the sky blue.
Open your beautiful eyes,
there is an sms for you.


English |

Woh mazaa na red label mein, na taj mein,
na poori duniya ke raj mein,
na sur mein, na saaz mein,
na kuber ke khazaane mein,
jo mazaa hai subha uth-kar
fir se so jaane mein.


Hindi |

Once a fisherman woke up early in the morning.
It was a bit dark.
He waited a while and found a bag full of stones.
He started throwin dem in the sea for timepass.
Now he had only one stone left.
The sun rose up and he found that those were not stones but diamonds..
Moral of story:
Never wake up early in the morning..


English |

May with the sips of morning tea
your day fills up with smiles and
with each sun ray falling on the planet
your deeds shine as diamonds..
Wishing You a Great Day Ahead..!


English |