Each New Year Gives Us Time And Opportunity To Realise Our Dreams. New Year Also Is A Good Time To Make New Resolutions.

Years come and go but
this year i specially wish for you
a double dose of health n happiness
topped with loads of good fortune.
Have a great year ahead..
Happy New Year!!


English |


I am going away from your life .
I won't come again.
Yes, i m going to pass away.
I don't know whether you would be happy or sad
after knowing all this news.
Yours knowingly,


English |

Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy U,
but to help U realise your hidden potential & powers.
Let difficulties know that U are DIFFICULT this year.
Happy New Year.


English |


Soch rahe ho aaj kyon...?
Ab tum DON ko sikhaaoge kab wish karna hai.
DON ek din pehle wish kare ya 41 din pehle uski marzi.


Hindi |

Faith makes all things possible.
Hope makes all things work.
Love makes all things beautiful.
May you have all the three in abundance this year!!
Happy New Year!!


English |

43200 minutes 2592000 seconds are left.
Dekhi saadi yaari..
30 din pehlaan hi wish kar taa!!


Punjabi |


i knocked at the heavens door today.
GOD asked why i was there.
I replied: Please love , protect & bless
the one reading this sms.
GOD smiled & said: I already did!
Wishing you & your family
a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!
Wishing you all blessings of life !


English |

Whatever is beautiful..
whatever is meaningful..
whatever gives you happiness..
May all that be yours - today, tomorrow & forever!
Happy New Year!!


English |

Naam: Don
Baap: Gangster
Pataa: 36 China Town
Thikaana: Chandni Bar
Dushman: Sarkar
Khoon: Ab Tak 56
New Year wish karo warna 57..
Happy New Year!!


Hindi |


3 Nice Stories:
1. Once all villagers decided to pray for rain.
On the day of prayer all people gathered and
only one boy came with an umbrella.
That's Faith ..
2. When you throw a baby in the air,
the baby laughs because he/she knows you will catch him/her.
That's Trust..
3. Every night we go to bed,
we have no assurance that we will wake up the next morning but
still we have plans for tomorrow.
That's Hope..
Celebrate this new year with Faith , Trust and Hope.


English |

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