Let A Message From You Be The Last Words Of The Day For Your Friend And May That Message Shines Through Their Dreams.


हो चुकी रात अब सो भी जाइए
जो हैं दिल के करीब उनके ख्यालों में खो जाइए
कर रहा होगा कोई इंतज़ार आपका
ख़्वाबों में ही सही उनसे मिल तो आइये ..

Ho chuki raat ab so bhi jaaiye
jo hain dil ke kareeb unke khayaalon mein kho jaaiye
kar raha hoga koi intezaar aapka
khawaabo'n mein hi sahi unse mil to aaiye..


Hindi |

Can we do romance at night today?
i am in a good mood,
just a little bit of kissing and biting.
Reply me soon.
Yours lovingly,

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English |

यह बता पाना मुश्किल है
कि क्यों नहीं नींद है
वो सपनों में कैसे आएं
जो साँसों में मौज़ूद है ..

It's hard to tell the reason
for sleepless nights
how will someone come in dreams
when they are there in our breaths..


Hindi |


Let the devils guard you.
Mummies dance around you.
Vampires kiss you.
Frankanstein sing to you.
Draculas bite you.
Have a horrorful night.
Guoooooh Night..

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English |


In French: Bon Jour,
Spanish: Te Quirdo,
Italian: Teamo,
Yugoslav: Volim Te,
English: Good Night ,
PUNJABI: So jaa moyi, kal kam te ni jaana?


Punjabi |

Der raat jab kisi ki yaad sataaye,
thandi hawa jab zulfon ko sehlaaye,
kar lo aankhein band aur so jaao..
kya pata jiska hai khayaal
woh khawaabon mein aa jaaye.

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Hindi |

G - Go to bed
O - Off the light
O - Out of tension
D - Dreams come
N - Nice sleep
I - Ignore worry
G - Get fresh
H - Have a nice night
T - Thank to GOD .
Good Night & Take Care..


English |


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