Trust me, when I woke up today
I had no plans to be awesome,
but still it happened again.


English |

No Quality + No Style = Laalu
No Quality But Style = Sania
Quality But No Style = Abdul Kalam
Quality + Style = Guess..
You are right..
press down to see name and phone number.


English |

If you like my sms, i am smart.
If you save, you agree i am smart.
If you forward, you spread that i am smart.
And if you delete, you are jealous because i am smart.


English |

Chaand ko bhi akele mein sharam aati hogi,
baat kuch tumhaari bhi samajh mein aati hogi,
jab bhi zikr hota hoga smart logon ka..
tumhe bhi meri yaad aati hogi.


Hindi |

God created me to be your friend .
He picked me out from all the rest because
He knows i am the best.
Don't argue on God 's choice
Just accept that you are Lucky..


English |

Fishes are in ponds
fishes are in sea
ugly are you and
smarty is me..


English |

Everybody wants.. someone special,
someone nice, someone thoughtful,
someone honest, someone cute,
someone perfect, someone attractive,
but why always me yaar.....!!


English |

Ek pyaari si surat..
Ek mausam sa chehra..
Do jheel si aankhein..
Kuch meethi-meethi baatein..
Ek naazuk adaa..
Kuch masti kuch mazaa..
Thodi si sharaarat..
Bahut saari mohabbat ..
Ek bholi si muskaan..
Ooncha udne ka armaan..
Sabse alag sabse juda..
Jiski hai pyaari har ek adaa..
Thanks aapne mere baare mein itna padhaa..


Hindi |

P: Pangebaaz
U: Unbeatable
N: Naughty
J: Joshiley
A: Azaad
B: Bahadur
I: Intelligent


Punjabi |

Sweet socho, smart socho,
achcha socho, sachcha socho,
pyaaraa socho.
I know it's difficult for u.
I have a shortcut for u.
Only mere baare mein socho.


Hindi |

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