Don't be a gentleman with evil people and fools,
Use their language to handle them..


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Elephant gets controlled with restrain,
horse gets controlled with whip,
any animal with horns can be controlled with stick and
and wicked people can be controlled by sword..


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जैसे मधुमक्खी बिना तकलीफ पहुंचाए फूलों से मधु निकाल लेती है,
वैसे ही प्रजा के उपर उतना ही कर लगाना चाहिए जिससे उसे तकलीफ न हो
- चाणक्य


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One should learn
one quality from lion, one from crane,
four from rooster, five from crow,
six from dog and three from donkey..

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From lion one should learn to perform every task at hand with full strength and zeal irrespective of whether that task's small or big.

From crane one should learn to control one's instincts and perform any task by accessing country, time and strength.

From rooster we should learn to wake up early in the morning, always be ready and never quit back in battle, sharing equal portion between friends and attack to get one's meal.

From crow one should learn to covert love making, move invisibly, keep conserving from time to time, always be attentive and not to trust anyone.

From dog one should learn how to be capable of eating huge amount of food, remain satisfied by eating less, how to deep sleep, wake instantly with small noise, to love one's master and bravery.

From donkey we should learn to keep performing duties even if tired, do not pay attention to hot and cold weather and remain in satisfaction.


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