Doctor to patient's Friend : Agar 1 ghanta pehle le aate to hum ise bacha lete.

Friend : But sir 15 minute pehle to accident hua hai !!


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Girl: Meri skin bahut soft and sensitive hai aur
rang bhi bahut gora hai.
Main sone se pehle kya laga ke soya karoon..?
Doctor: Darwaaze ki Kundi!



The physician turned from the telephone to his wife :
"I must hurry to Mrs. Jones' boy--he's sick."
"Is it serious?", asked the wife .
"Yes. I don't know what's the matter with him,
but she has a book on what to do before the doctor comes."


English |

Some people are just too nice..
They'll tell you clearly that
they come in 30 percent tax slab
so they will accept payment only in cash..
Genuinely such a good DOCTOR..


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Doctor: Is dawaa ko ek hafte mein poora karo aur baad mein aake milo.
Patient: Theek hai doctor.
(ek hafte ke baad)
Doctor: Dawaa khatam huaa kya?
Patient: Nahi doctor.
Doctor: kyu nahi?
Patient: Usme likhaa thaa ke, bottle ko hamesha bandh rakhe..

- Tarun Goma

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