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साक़ी के हाथ में पैमाना हो
तो महफ़िल में सुरूर कैसे हो ..


Hindi |

Aankhein jhukaa ke chalte hain zamaana kharaab hai
hui muddat sheher mein koi hulchal nahi..


Hindi |

नाराज़ हो सकते हैं वो हमसे
पर लौट कर ज़रूर आएंगे
वो चेहरा भीड़ में
बस थोड़ा बिछड़ है गया ..


Hindi |

Aapki zubaan se ab dard nahi hota
le khanjar aur utaar mere seene mein,
aarzoo justjoo mein aisi poshida hai
unhe khabar hi nahi koi khafa hai..

आपकी जुबां से अब दर्द नहीं होता
ले खंजर और उतार मेरे सीने में ,
आरज़ू जुस्तजू में ऐसी पोशीदा है
उन्हें खबर ही नहीं कोई खफा है ..


Persian |

Shakti ki swarup हे Maa,
mangal-drishti rakhna har pal,
jeevan path par chalte ho koi galti,
to देना दान क्षमा ka tum..
Happy Chaitra Navratri ~ शुभ चैत्र नवरात्रि


Hindi |

CBSE का paper leak होना
अजी बेगुनाहों से जानिये
कि दुष्वार है दोबारा pass होना
Cricket देखिये
ball-tampering या fixing पर
re-match नहीं होते ..


Hindi |

The purpose of human life is
to learn.
To learn to listen .
To learn to smile.
To learn to give.
To learn to forgive.
To learn to say thanks.
To learn to say I love you.
To learn to accept.
To learn to respect.
To learn to help.
To learn to admire.
To learn to experience.
To learn to explore.
To learn to be curious.
To learn to play.
To learn to be calm.
To learn to be friendly.
To learn to be willing.
To learn to be ready.
To learn to lead.
To learn to be humane.
To learn compassion.
To learn persistence.
To learn gratitude.
To learn to appreciate.
To learn to take risks.
To learn to guide.
To learn to recite.
To learn to feel.
To learn to follow.
To learn to fight.
To learn to ignore.
To learn to try.
To learn to enjoy.
To learn to fall.
To learn to rise.


English |

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