Rahim Was An Important Courtier Of Mughal Emperor Akbar And Is Popularly Known As Rahiman And Abdul Rahim Khan-i-khana. Although Muslim, He Was A Lord Krishna Devotee. We Have Collected Here Rahim Ke Dohe For Seekers Of Nectar.


A real story from Konni, Pathanamthitta, Kerala:
A BPL family got water connection. Everyone was happy . The tap never gave any water after initial testing but after 3-4 months a bill of Rs. 480/- came in June 2024. The poor widow lady went to the local water office to complain that she had received a water bill showing meter reading zero. She also told authorities that being a BPL family she was told that no water bill will come.

The officials told her that her connection is yet to be converted to BPL and thus she has to pay the bill. They told that the connection will be converted to BPL in January 2025. Further, they directed her to an engineer. The engineer confirmed that as the water tank is still under construction so no water has been supplied to her as reflected in zero meter reading.

The lady asked them that she wants to surrender the water connection to which the officials told her that then she needs to pay panchayat penalty for agreeing to a water connection and then surrendering it. They told her that they will temporarily disconnect the connection but in case the meter reading will reflect any usage then she will face water theft charges.

Har Ghar Jal or Har Ghar Bill?
#HarGharJal #JalJeevanMission #jalshaktiabhiyan #jalshakti


English |

Kaise nibhein nibal jan, kari sablan saun gaer,
rahiman basi saagar bishae, karat magar saun baer..

In these lines Rahim warns that one should not take enmity with powerful people.
He quotes example that one cannot survive in water by countering crocodile.

To someone whom you want to warn.

You can send this sms any time of the day or night.


Hindi |

जलहिं मिलाइ रहीम ज्यों , कियों आपु सग छीर ।
अगवहिं आपुहि आप त्यों , सकल आंच की भीर ।।

Milk and water gets readily mixed but when milk is heated then water takes all heat and protects milk. True friendship is also sacrificing oneself for the protection of other.


Hindi |

जाल परे जल जात बहि , तजि मीनन को मोह ।
रहिमन मछरी नीर को , तऊ न छांड़ति छोह ।।

When net is thrown then water flows out setting aside affection for fishes but fishes die on getting separated from their beloved water. Fishes do not care that water has left them.


Hindi |

Kaagad ko so pootra, sehaje mein ghul jaaye,
rahiman yeh achraj lakho, sou khenchat baae..

Rahim tells that the human body is just like a paper toy that easily gets dissolved in water.
He says that it's a matter of surprise that how a toy breathes.
Through this Rahim wants to strengthen the fact that it's with the power of God that
human life exists.

To anyone who has got an inclination towards the mysteries of life.

Any time of the day..Avoid that day to be recipient's birthday.


Hindi |

रहिमन चाक कुम्हार को , मांगे दिया ना देई
छेद में डंडा डारि कै , चहै नांद लै लेई..

Meaning: If someone requests a potter's wheel to make an earthen lamp then it won't but if you will put a stick into it's hole then can make even a pot. Ghosts of kicks not listening to talks..लातों के भूत , बातों से नहीं मानते ..


Hindi |

Ab Rahim muskil pari, gaadhe dou kaam,
saanche te jag nahi, jhoothe milein na ram.

Meaning: Rahim says that it's very difficult to
attain enlightenment or the Buddha while
doing our day-today tasks as
to attain a high spiritual state
one has to abstain from speaking lies.
He adds that if one starts speaking only truth then
again it's difficult to survive.


Hindi |

Kaah kaamri pagri, jaad gaye se kaaj,
rahiman bhookh butaayie, kaiseo mille anaaj..

Here Rahim says that one realises the important of blanket only when it's cold.
Similarly, he adds that the true taste and value of food is realised only when we are hungry.

To anyone whom you want to convey that one should value things.

Any time of the day.


Hindi |

Bipati bhae dhan na rahe, rahe jo lakh crore,
nabh taare chhip jat hain, jyon rahim ye bhor.

Meaning: In bad times, one loses all wealth just
like stars go away at dawn.


Hindi |

Charibo mom turang per, chalibo paavak maahi,
Prem granth aiso kathin, sab kou nibhat naahi..

Meaning: Rahim says that the path of love is not easy and
not everyone can follow it.
Rahim compares it to climb a horse of wax and
to ride through fire.


Hindi |

Kheera ko munh kaati ke, maliyat lon lagaaye,
Rahiman karue mukhan ko, chahiyat ihe sajaaye.

Meaning: Just as cucumber is cut from top and
then rubbed with salt to clear it's bitterness,
same way one should penalize people
who iterate bitter words.


Hindi |

Kahe Rahim sampati sage, banat bahut bahu reet,
bipati kasauti je kase, tei saanche meet..

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Hindi |

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