रहिमन चाक कुम्हार को , मांगे दिया ना देई
छेद में डंडा डारि कै , चहै नांद लै लेई..

Meaning: If someone requests a potter's wheel to make an earthen lamp then it won't but if you will put a stick into it's hole then can make even a pot. Ghosts of kicks not listening to talks..लातों के भूत , बातों से नहीं मानते ..


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Kahe Rahim sampati sage, banat bahut bahu reet,
bipati kasauti je kase, tei saanche meet..

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.


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Khair, khoon, khaansi, khushi , baer, preeti, madya-paan,
Rahiman daabe na dabe, jaanat sakal jahaan.

Meaning: Prosperity, death, cough, happiness,
enmity, happiness and drinking cannot get hidden for long.


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Charibo mom turang per, chalibo paavak maahi,
Prem granth aiso kathin, sab kou nibhat naahi..

Meaning: Rahim says that the path of love is not easy and
not everyone can follow it.
Rahim compares it to climb a horse of wax and
to ride through fire.


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Kaagad ko so pootra, sehaje mein ghul jaaye,
rahiman yeh achraj lakho, sou khenchat baae..

Rahim tells that the human body is just like a paper toy that easily gets dissolved in water.
He says that it's a matter of surprise that how a toy breathes.
Through this Rahim wants to strengthen the fact that it's with the power of God that
human life exists.

To anyone who has got an inclination towards the mysteries of life.

Any time of the day..Avoid that day to be recipient's birthday.


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Nij kar kriya Rahim kahe, siddhi bhaavi ke haath,
paanse apne haath mein, daanv na apne haath.

Meaning: One has to perform duties without
longing for any reward. We can only throw dice but
final outcome of the game cannot be defined by us.


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रहिमन जगत बड़ाई की , कूकुर की पहिचानि
प्रीति करै मुख चाटई , बैर करे तन हानि ..

Meaning: If you want to earn goodwill then you need to be away from bad people like if you go too much near to a dog, it will lick your face and if you shoo it away then it will bite.


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Kaah kaamri pagri, jaad gaye se kaaj,
rahiman bhookh butaayie, kaiseo mille anaaj..

Here Rahim says that one realises the important of blanket only when it's cold.
Similarly, he adds that the true taste and value of food is realised only when we are hungry.

To anyone whom you want to convey that one should value things.

Any time of the day.


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Rahiman gali hain saankri, dujo na tehraahin,
aapu ahhe to hari nahi, hari to aapun nahi.

Meaning: To embrace universal love or God
one has to leave ego aside.


Hindi |

Jo Rahim uttam prakriti, ka kari sakat kusang,
chandan vish vyaapat nahi, lapte rehet bhujang.

जो रहीम उत्तम प्रकृति, का करि सकत कुसंग ।
चन्दन विष व्यापत नहीं, लपटे रहत भुजंग ।।

Meaning: Bad company do not harm the wise or people of high character.
It's just like as sandal remains unaffected of poison
even when snakes keep clinging to it.


Hindi |

Kaise nibhein nibal jan, kari sablan saun gaer,
rahiman basi saagar bishae, karat magar saun baer..

In these lines Rahim warns that one should not take enmity with powerful people.
He quotes example that one cannot survive in water by countering crocodile.

To someone whom you want to warn.

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