One Cannot Define Love - Mohabbat. It Cannot Be Embodied It Words, Figures Or Any Form Of Art Or Science. It Can Only Be Felt, Realised And Experienced. It Becomes A Practice Of Sages And Saints. It Is A Path Of Spiritual Awakening. The Self Is Vanished When One Is Immersed In Love.

Easiest ways to die:
1. Have a cigar daily - You will die 10 years early.
2. Have drinks daily - You will die 30 years early.
3. Love someone truly - You will die daily.




Care is the sweetest form of love .
When someone says take care
it really means that you will stay
in their heart till it's last beat.
So take care of yourself..



Some day when the pages of my life end
You’ll be one of its most beautiful chapters
& if I get to read it again
I’ll open it from the page where I met You first..


English |

Ishq da jisnu khwaab aa jaanda hai,
samjho waqt kharaab aa jaanda hai,
mehboob aave ya na aave..
par taare ginan da hisaab aa jaanda hai.



Uske liye jeena seekho
jo aap ke liye marne ko tyaar ho,
aur use hamesha khush rakho
jiske dil mein sirf aap ke liye hi pyaar ho..



Hawa hun..main har dum aazaad hun
lakh kar le koshish juda hone ki
teri saanson mein hun main
mehsoos karo to paaoge
tujhme hi hun main..


Hindi |

झुकी नज़रों से इकरार मत करना
नज़रें उठा कर इंकार मत करना
रात भर तड़पते हो किसी की यादों में
और दूसरों को कहते हो किसी से प्यार मत करना..


Hindi |

If only looks matter
then you are the most beautiful
If only words matter
then you are the most heard
If only distance matter
then you are the nearest..


English |

रात और दिन तुझे देखता रहूँ
बस यही रोज़गार चाहता हूँ ..

Raat aur din tujhe dekhta rahun
bas yahi rozgaar chaahta hun..


Hindi |

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