One Cannot Define Love - Mohabbat. It Cannot Be Embodied It Words, Figures Or Any Form Of Art Or Science. It Can Only Be Felt, Realised And Experienced. It Becomes A Practice Of Sages And Saints. It Is A Path Of Spiritual Awakening. The Self Is Vanished When One Is Immersed In Love.

A man asked GOD , what is LOVE ?
GOD replied: Go to the garden and get the most beautiful flower.
Man returned empty handed & told that i found the most beautiful
flower but i kept walking in hope of a better one.
And then i realised that i had ignored the best one.
i went back but could not find it there.
GOD said This is LOVE .
You don't value it when you have it
but repent when you lose it.
So never let your Dearest go.

This sms conveys a simple message of contentment and to value relations. Also, it is best said that a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes.

To someone you love and who might be ignoring you.

Preferably in night or at a time when the person you are sending this sms is alone and is at leisure so that he or she can actually put a thought to it as to why you have send this message.


English |


Mene to bhula hi diya tha use
kambakht dil ne fir yad kar liya
socha to tha naam bhi nahi loonga uska
par jab khuda ne poocha kya chaahiye tujhe
to honto ne bhi bade pyaar se uska naam le liya..

- Raja Kathayat


Hindi |

A person who TRULY LOVES YOU
will never stop believing in you and
will never let you go,
no matter how hard the situation is.

- Prashant Shelke

English |

Love is born with the pleasure of looking at each other.
It is fed with the necessity of seeing each other.
It is concluded with the impossibility of separation.



Uljhe hue haalaat ka shikwa na kia kar,
khairaat mein khushiyon ki tamanna na kia kar,

sau baar kaha itni mohabat nahih achchi,
sau baar kaha itna bharosa na kia kar,

haalaat tujhko mujhse na milney kabhi denge,
ae dost mere meri tamanna na kia kar,

kya jaane yeh kis moarr pe le jaaye zamaana,
tu mujhko kisi pal bhi alehda na kia kar,

mumkin hai kisi roz bichar jaaun achanak,
tu mujhse pyaar itna zyaada na kia kar..


Urdu |

झुकी नज़रों से इकरार मत करना
नज़रें उठा कर इंकार मत करना
रात भर तड़पते हो किसी की यादों में
और दूसरों को कहते हो किसी से प्यार मत करना..


Hindi |

If only looks matter
then you are the most beautiful
If only words matter
then you are the most heard
If only distance matter
then you are the nearest..


English |

यह बता पाना मुश्किल है
कि क्यों नहीं नींद है
वो सपनों में कैसे आएं
जो साँसों में मौज़ूद है ..

It's hard to tell the reason
for sleepless nights
how will someone come in dreams
when they are there in our breaths..


Hindi |

A word to say, a word to hear.
Even in your absence, i feel you near.
Our relation is strong, hope it goes long.
We will remain this way, till our Hearts go on.



I love those people who can make me laugh
during those moments when I feel like I can't even smile..


English |

Kabhi sardi kabhi garmi ye to mausam ke nazare hain,
pyase woh bhi rehte hain jo samundar ke kinare hain..

- Mini

Hindi |

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