Happy Boat Drawing

On Teacher's Day Santa sends one SMS to his Teacher:
Master ji, Tuhadi kutt te gaalaan ne mainu banda bana ditta,
nahi te main dangar da dangar hi rehna c..


Punjabi |

Teacher to a primary student:
Aaj tum late kaise? School to saat baje shuru ho jaata hai.
Kid: Madam, aap meri itni chinta mat kiya karo..
log galaat samjhenge.



POT stands for
P - PowerPoint
O - Only
T - Teacher
a teacher who teaches from PowerPoint presentations only..


English |

World might have been inhabitable
if it had been devoid of guidance from teachers..


English |

On this speacial Teacher's Day,
i one of your many students
Wish You a Long, Healthy and Prosperous Life .
Happy Teacher's Day!


English |

A very old lady teacher of English
asks a question with the class.
When I say “I am beautiful”, which tense is it..?
One student replied: It's past tense.


English |

If I subtract my scores then yes
all my Teachers were Great..


English |

A teacher's training is like pooh
it certainly smells bad
but good for crops..


English |

Teachers crack nuts and may end up
making irregular objects like us
eventually contributing towards
multifractal anisotropic chaotic
dynamics of universe..


English |

Teacher to sharma: Tum mein kuch kamiyan hain.
Sharma agle din coat pant pehan kar aata hai.
Teacher: Whats this.
Sharma: Raymond, The Complete Man.



i am not able to recall and thank all my teachers
who have tried to shape me to be a better vase
which can hold best flowers of the garden
and multiply the beauty of room
but I pray to thy Lord to content them in book called life ..


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