Celebrate Teacher's Day On 5 September By Sending Out Hilarious Yet Respectful Messages To Your Teachers, Professors, Guides, Trainers And Mentors..

Teacher to student-homework kyun nahi kiya?
Student-sir, light nahi thi.
Teacher-toh mombatti jala leta.
Student-sir,maachis nahi thi.
Student-puja ghar me rakhi thi.
Teacher-toh le aata.
Student-nahaya nahi tha sir.
Teacher-nahaya kyu nahi tha?
Student-paani nahi tha sir
Teacher-arey, pani kyu ni tha?
Student-sir motor ni chal rahi thi.
Teacher-huh, huh. ab motor ko kya hua?
Student-kitni bar bolu light nahi thi.



On this speacial Teacher's Day,
i one of your many students
Wish You a Long, Healthy and Prosperous Life .
Happy Teacher's Day!


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Angry Dad after seeing son's scorecard:
Need a good beating.
Son: Sure dad, let's go, i have seen the teacher's house.


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Beauty of good teacher's is that
they cut sharp and polish
without a chisel or file..


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i am not able to recall and thank all my teachers
who have tried to shape me to be a better vase
which can hold best flowers of the garden
and multiply the beauty of room
but I pray to thy Lord to content them in book called life ..


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Teacher: Why are you coming late for the class?
Student: Sir, i am not late but coming before time for the next class..


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One day a teacher was having a first-grade class in physiology.
She asked them if they knew that
there was a burning fire in the body all of the time.
One little girl stood up and said:
"Yes'm; when it is a cold day, I can see the smoke."


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A teacher is a flower that fades with time
but it leaves its fragrance in the universe..


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If you think your teacher is tough,
wait until you get a boss .
He doesn't have tenure. - Bill Gates


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