Wife : I love you.
Husband : I love you too.
Wife : Prove it, scream it to world .
Husband : *whispers in ear* I love you.
Wife : Why'd you whisper it to me..?
Husband : Because you are my world ..


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They had had their usual altercation over the breakfast table, and hubby exclaimed:
"What would you do if I were one of those husbands
who get up cross in the morning, bang the things about, and
kick because the coffee is cold?"

"Why," replied his wife , "I should make it hot for you!"


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Banta: Woh dekh teri biwi ko saanp kaat raha hai.
Santa : Arre tension mat le, Zeher bharwane aaya hoga..


Hindi |

Husband to Hotel Manager: Jaldi chalo,
meri biwi khidki se kud kar jaan dena chahti hai.
Manager: Sorry Sir, yeh aapka personal matter hai.
Hum ismein kuch nahi kar sakte.
Husband : Sir, khidki nahi khul rahi hai.


Hindi |

Wife : I am firing out the driver form service,
because it is the second time that i escaped death today due to his rash driving.
Husband : Dear, just give him one more chance.


English |

The most important thing a father can do
for his children is to love their mother..


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Gangaur utsav ke bhabhi bolein geet
Pooja vrat ki thali
le mehndi waale haathon mein
aao khaayein Ghewar, Bahadura, Chauguni ke Ladoo
aur bolein Jai Maa Gauri ki sab..


Hindi |

Husband : Today is sunday and I have to enjoy it.
So i bought 3 movie tickets.
Wife : Why three?
Husband : For you and your parents.


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Wife : Darling, mujhse koi aisi baat kaho
ki main khush bhi ho jaaun aur gussa bhi..
Husband : Tum meri zindagi ho aur..
Wife : Aur kya? Tell me aur kya?
Wife shouted tell me aur kya?
Husband : Aur laanat hai aisi zindagi par.



Just when relatives and friends were
taking a dead lady towards crematorium ground
the coffin hit a road-side pole
and the lady jolts back to life .
After some years the lady died again.
This time when the corpse was on it's way
husband was repeating just these -
Watch out Poles..Watch out Poles..


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Specially for Valentine's day

Wife (waking up from her sleep ): i just had a dream that u bought me a diamond necklace.
Husband : Go back to sleep & wear it. :-)

- Tarun Goma

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