The Role Of Fun In Our Lives Is What Salt Is To Food. You Add It In The Right Proportion And Does Wonders.

Digital India ka bol-bala hai
Videocon, Rotomac, IL&FS, Bhushan Steel
har din ek naya bank ghotala hai
nirav modi, lalit modi, mehul choksi, naresh goyal aur mallaya jaise khatmalon ko
pakad salaakhon ke peeche pahunchana hai
370 aur 35A ko aakhir-kaar hataana hai
lakshya bade hain aur hai bada jan-aadesh
mitron jaane kab tak umeedon par jeete jaana hai..


Hindi |

Thousands of years have passed,
millions of theorems derived,
crores of formulas made
But Still....
stupid "x" is unknown..


English |


Bharat ka sabse bada pralay ka din kaun sa raha?
Kyonki is din rakhi aur Friendship Day ek saath the..



Munna Bhai to Circuit - Kya kar rela circuit ?
Circuit - Bhai bulb pe baap ka naam likh rela.
Munna - Kaiku ?
Circuit - Bhai, Maa boli baap ka naam roshan karne ka.


Hindi |

Sharaab ek aisi beemaari hai jo poore samaaj ko pee jaati hai.
Aao ise milkar khatam karein,
ek bottle tum khatam karo,
ek bottle hum khatam karein.



Customer: Waiter, do you serve pigs..?
Waiter: Please sit down sir, we serve everyone.


English |

Do you want a Free Recharge card number?
Go down..
Scratch here with a blade..



2 seater helicopter crashed on a kabristan in Punjab.
Next day's news: Punjab mein hawaai jahaaz gira,
250 laashe dhoond nikali gai hain, aur talaash jaari hai.



English Grammar Teacher:
"Woh Ladki Sab Ladko Se Hans - Hans Kar Baat Karti Hai."
Batao is Sentence Mein Ladki Kya Hai?
Student: Sir, Ladki "Chalu" Hai.


Hindi |

Chand per likh du Naam Aapka,
Aisa Dil chaahta hai..
Ek to humaara haath wahaan tak nahi jaata hai aur dusra
yeh khayaal humesha dopeher mein hi aata hai..


Hindi |

धोखा मिला जब प्यार में
ज़िन्दगी में उदासी छा गई
सोचा था छोड़ देंगे इस राह को
कम्बख्त उसी दिन मोहल्ले में दूसरी आ गई ..


Hindi |

Ek baba roz gurdware kirtan krda c,
Roz ek budhi lal suit pa ke aundi c,
Baba us nu pyaar krda c.
Ek din oh budhi nahi aayi
te baba kirtan krda kenda "sab sangta ayiea gi saade LAL nazar nai aaunde"
ose wele oh budhi HARA suit pa ke a jandi e.
Baba bolan lag pya 'mann shetal ho gya gi vekh k sangta Harian-bharian..



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