We have fixed Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Farmers.
We have fixed GST & Income Tax slabs.
We have fixed tarrifs for TV channels.
We have fixed fuel prices.
We have TRAI, We have IRDAI.
But we do not have Education Regulatory.
Can we have a per child Fee Calculation Matrix
applicable to all private schools in India:
1. Air Condition Charges - 400 / month
2. Swimming Pool Charges - 100 / month
3. School Bus Charges - 1000 / month
4. Ph.D Teacher Fee - 200 / month
5. Post Graduate Teacher Fee - 100 / month
6. Graduate Teacher Fee - 50 / month
7. E-Classroom / Multimedia Fee - 30 / month
8. Miscellaneous Charges - 20 / month
9. Development Fee - 20 / month
10. Staff Salary - 100 / month
11. 10 percent Fee concession for Girl students.
12. 10 percent Fee concession for Armed and Para-Military Force wards.
13. 10 percent Fee concession for Divyang students.
14. 10 percent Fee concession for EWS category.
15. Minimum 30 percent Teachers need to be Ph.D.
16. Minimum 30 percent Teachers need to be Post Graduates.
17. Minimum 40 percent Teachers need to be Graduates..


English |

Hum rahe na rahe, un logon ko saza milni chahiye.
Yeh 2020 hai, Insaaf ki misaal honi chahiye.
Court tumhara, neta tumhara, thana tumhara
Magar kanoon ko bhi to gunjaaish honi chahiye.
Izzat se zindagi basar karne ki
humein bhi to ijaazat honi chahiye..


Hindi |

कवायतों की ज़ंजीरों ने मुझे
सरहदों का मोहताजी बना दिया ..


Hindi |

थोड़ी राहत मिली है
हैदराबाद के दोषी मारे हैं
उन्नाव और दिल्ली के दरिंदे अब भी ज़िंदा हैं
बोलो कब उनकी बारी है ??


Hindi |

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