Money may not be everything, but it sure keeps the kids writing to parents!
One college kid wrote home,
"Dear folks, I've been worried sick, because I haven't heard from you.
Please send me a check so I'll know you're okay."


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A punjabi lady talking in English to a Dr. about her sick child.

"My kaka is ill ek week da.
Na eat da na sleep da,
bas weep da te cheek da,
nalay nak v leak da."



Yamraaj ne ek ladke ki jaan le li to
Chitragupt ne poocha ki isko waqt se pehle kyon maara..
Yamraaj bole,
"Month end mein target jo poora karna hai.."



A famous inspirational speaker said -
'Best years of my life were spent
in the arms of a woman who wasn't my wife !'
Audience was in shock and silence.
He added -
'She was my mother.'
Applause & Laughter.
A top manager tried to crack this at home.
After a drink he said loudly to his wife , in kitchen -
'Best years of my life were spent
in the arms of a woman who wasn't my wife !'
Standing for a moment
trying to recall the second half, he finally blurted out -
'I can't remember .'



आई थी मेरी कब्र पे दिया जलाने के लिए
आई थी मेरी कब्र पे दिया जलाने के लिए
पड़ा हुआ तेल भी ले गई
तड़का लगाने के लिए ..


Hindi |

Premi apni premika ki zulfon me aisa khoya
ki Behosh ho gaya.
Jab hosh aaya to Romantic ho kar pucha
Nahati kyu nahi hai?



Ek baba roz gurdware kirtan krda c,
Roz ek budhi lal suit pa ke aundi c,
Baba us nu pyaar krda c.
Ek din oh budhi nahi aayi
te baba kirtan krda kenda "sab sangta ayiea gi saade LAL nazar nai aaunde"
ose wele oh budhi HARA suit pa ke a jandi e.
Baba bolan lag pya 'mann shetal ho gya gi vekh k sangta Harian-bharian..



Banana: Why are you crying?
Apple: All of them cut and eat me.
Banana: Poda! You are better than me.
All of them remove my dress & eat me.



Ghasita Hawaldar:Tujhe apna Laptop bada karwana hai..?
Santa : Haanji, but kaise..?
Ghasita Hawaldar: Oh ji very simple,
isme se window nikaal te darvaaja fit kara le..


Punjabi |

English Grammar Teacher:
"Woh Ladki Sab Ladko Se Hans - Hans Kar Baat Karti Hai."
Batao is Sentence Mein Ladki Kya Hai?
Student: Sir, Ladki "Chalu" Hai.


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