पल - पल सांसें खत्म हो रही हैं
ज़िन्दगी मौत के पहलु में सो रही है
उस बेवफा से ना पूछ मेरी मौत की वजह
वो तो बस ज़माने को दिखाने के लिए रो रही है..


Hindi |

Maut ek manzar hai jise hum dekh sakte hain aur
ziindagi ek ehsas hai jise hum jee sakte hain
magar zindagi aur maut mein ek fi farq hota hai
maut mein to insan sota hai
aur zindagi mein umar bhar rota hai..


Hindi |

Jo Safar Ki Shuruwat Karte He,
Woh Manzil Ko Paar Karte He,

Ek Bar Chalne Ka Hounsla Rakho,
Musafiron Ka Toh Raste Bhi Intezar Karte hai.



Jab paas ho tab khaas ho,
jab dooor ho tab ehsaas ho,
ankahee si aas ho,
jo na mite woh pyaas ho,
ab aur main kya kahun,
tum dil ke kitne paas ho..



जो देखता हूँ वही बोलने का आदी हूँ
मैं अपने शहर का सबसे बड़ा फ़सादी हूँ.. - शकील शाह


Hindi |

Question: Why Santa gave Oreo biscuit to
Chhota Bheem (chota bhim),
Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia and Dholu - Bholu..?

Answer: Because ladoo mein cream nahi hoti.


Hindi |

Kyon yaad aati hai tumhaari,
kyun palke bheeg jaati hai humaari,
jahaan-jahaan bhi gire humaare aansoo,
kyun tasveer ban jaati hai tumhaari..


Hindi |

Pal-pal se banta hai ehsaas..
ehsaas se banta hai wishwaas..
wishwaas se bante hain rishtey..
rishton se banta hai koi khaas..
jaise aap.



Aisi bewafaai ki usne..
mohabbat bhi badnaam ho gayi,
apni mohabbat ki itni keemaat vasool ki usne...
ki humaari kabr bhi nilaam ho gayi.


Hindi |

Chaand adhura hai sitaaron ke bina,
gulshan adhura hai bahaaron ke bina,
samunder adhura hai kinaaron ke bina,
jeena adhura hai tum jaise yaaron ke bina..



I want to say something to U
it start with U and ends with U
If you know then message me.

Ullu ( उल्लू )


Hindi |

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