Why is Fire Engine RED in color?
Ans: Fire Engine has a Ladder
Ladder has Steps
Steps are to be climbed on Foot
Foot is to be measured by a Ruler
Ruler can be a King or Queen
Elizabeth is the Queen of England
Elizabeth is also the name of a Ship
Ships sail on Water
Water has Fishes
Fishes have Fins
The people of Finland are called Fins
The national flag of Finland is Red
So Fire Engine is RED in color..


English |


Some pain is physical and some is mental,
but one that's both is dental.


English |

Akal badam khaane se nahi,
dhoka khane se badhti hai..


Hindi |

Father to son: Sharmaji ki ladki ko dekha hai,
woh exam mein first aai hai.
Son: Usi ko to dekhta tha,
tabhi to fail ho gaya.



I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger.
Then it hit me.


English |

A boy said I Love U to a girl
Girl replied: Sorry i Love someone else.

The boy in sad mood looked at the girl & said

Batau tere baap ko..


Hindi |

कोरोना वायरस का तो पता नहीं पर
धोते रहने से हाथों का रंग तो बदल ही गया है ..


Hindi |

A innocent Dhamki:
As the thief was leaving the house,
the kid woke up and said,
"Mera school bag bhi le kar jaao..
warna main mummy ko uthaa doonga."



In court Judge to Lady:
You are really very brave, Daaku ko bahut maara tumNe.
Lady: Mujhe kya pata daaku tha,
main samjhi mere pati ghar dair se aaye hain.


Hindi |

Ek ladke ne ek hasina ko dekh kr arz kiya..

Teri smile me kya chamak hai,

teri smile me kya chamak hai,

wo muskura kar boli.

Bhaiya mere




Marriage involves mathematics for it -
Doubles joys,
Halves sorrows, and
Quadruples expenses.


English |

रोये वो इस कदर उनकी लाश से लिपटकर
के लाश खुद उठ कर बोली
ले तू मर जा पहले
बदतमीज ऊपर ही चढ़े जा रहा है गर्मी में ..

Roye woh is kadar unki laash se lipatkar
ke laash khud uth kar boli
le tu mar ja pehle
badtameez upar hi chade jaa raha hai garmi mein..


Hindi |

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