Guy in pub, with gal frnd...

Suddenly, he says:''I love U.!''

Gal frnd asks:''Is that U or the beer talking?''

He replies:''Its me Talking to the BEER.!!




Ek poet garibi se tang aa kar daku ban gaya.
Daketi karne ek bank gaya aur kaha:
Arz hai..
Taqdeer mein jo hai wahi milega
Hands-Up, koi apni jagah se nahi hilega..
Fir cashier se kaha..
Kuch khwaab meri aankhon se nikaal do
jo kuch bhi tumhaare paas hai jaldi se is bag mein daal do..
Bahut koshish karta hun teri yaad bhulaane ki
koi koshish na kare police ko bulaane ki..
Bhula de mujhko kya jaata hai tera
main goli maar doonga jo kisi ne peecha kiya mera..



Ek bewafa ki khatir humne jam utha liya....


Fir kya..

bread pe lagaya or kha liya!!

Moral: Sabi ashik sharabi ni hote kuch BHUKHE bhi hote hain..


Hindi |

"And would you love me as much if my father lost all his money..?"
asked daughter of a rich fellow to her fiancé.
Fiancé: "Has he..?"
Girl: "Why, no."
Fiancé: "Of course I would, darling."


English |

A BOY on Drive Date in BMW.. : Maine tumse ek baat chupayi hai,
I'm already married.
Girl: Tumne to mujhe dara hi diya,
Main Samjhi BMW tumhari Nahi hai..!!!


Hindi |

Dus saal pehle: Girl-Maa mein jeans pehen loo?
Now-a-days: Girl-Maa mein mini pehen loo?
Maa-Pehen le beti kuch to pehen le..



Jailer: Suna hai tum shayar ho.. Kuch sunao yaar.
Qaidi: Gum-e-Ulfat me jo zindagi kati Hamari..
Jis Din zamaanat hui zindagi khatm Tumhaari..


Urdu |

एक घर में 2 गधे थे
एक का नाम था "तू गधा "
और दूसरे का नाम था "मैं गधा "
एक दिन "तू गधा " घर से बाहर गया
तो बताओ घर में कौन बचा ??


Hindi |

Mrs. Dahi & Bhalla request the pleasure of ur company
to attend the marriage of their son
Kaka Gol Gappa WEDS Bibi Paapdee(D/O Mrs. Kachori & Mr. Samosa of Tikkipur)
at Pastry Hall on 05 Nov 1983, near Jalebi Chowk, Lijjat Papad Nagar.
Mele chachu ki shaadi mein jalul aana..
Baby boondi., RSVP Masaaley.



A punjabi lady talking in English to a Dr. about her sick child.

"My kaka is ill ek week da.
Na eat da na sleep da,
bas weep da te cheek da,
nalay nak v leak da."



A man in US saw a dog about to bite a lady.
He kicks the dog & the dog dies.
Newspaper reports - Brave US citizen saves lady from dog.
Man told newspapers that he is not a US citizen,
so report changed - Foreigner saves lady from dog.
Man told that he hails from Pakistan.
Report got changed - Terrorist attacked local dog.


English |

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