I saw a Dream last night
Only U and Me..U know wht happened??
U were looking so Innocent..
because I was eating Maggi and U were saying:
1 Chammach Khila De Naa Plzzz...


Hindi |


A man: There is no word
as Impossible in my dictionary.
Santa : Abey to pehle hi
dekh kar khareedani chaahiye thi na.



Dr. to patient's Friend : Agar ek ghanta pehle le aate
to shaayad hum ise bacha lete.
Friend : Abe saale, 15 minute pehle to accidnt hua hai.



Short story.....
Two friends.....
See and Saw.....
One day see saw sea and
saw didn't see sea.
See saw sea and jumped in sea.
Saw didn't see sea but jumped in sea.
See saw saw in sea and
saw saw see in sea.
See saw both saw sea and
both saw and see were happy to see sea.
The End.....



Valentines Special

GF = Where R u.?
BF = I'm At "Bank"

GF = I Need 10,000 For New Cell Phone & 5,000 For New Dress.

BF = Sorry, I Mean I'm At BL00D BANK


- Tarun Goma


Hindi |

Dream makes everything possible,
Hope makes everything work,
Love makes everything beautiful,
Smile makes all the above...
So always Brush Your Teeth.


English |

Ek Chinti aur Haathi ko Prem ho gaya..
Chinti ke Maa-Baap ne Shaadi se inkar kar diya..
Reason poocha to kaha:
Ladke ke daant Baahar hai!!



Question: Why Santa gave Oreo biscuit to
Chhota Bheem (chota bhim),
Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia and Dholu - Bholu..?

Answer: Because ladoo mein cream nahi hoti.


Hindi |

A very wealthy old man was dying and summoned his lawyer, his Priest, and his Doctor.
As his final and last wish, he gave each 2,50,000 in cash. He said he wanted to prove that you "could" take it with you when you die. He requested that each one of them throw the cash in his grave just before they shoveled the dirt in.

A few days later at the funeral the Priest walked up to the grave after the Eulogy and with tears in his eyes , tossed the money into the grave. Shortly after, the Doctor also did the same. Last the lawyer came and tossed in an envelope.

At the family gathering, or wake if you will, the Priest walked up to the Doctor and the lawyer and said, "I must confess, I kept out 25,000 of his money for the orphanage". With that the Doctor also confided that he too kept out 50,000 for the new Medical Clinic for the poor. The lawyer then exclaimed, "Shame, shame on you both!, I gave him a check for the entire amount!"


English |

Teacher asks a kid: What are the two latest versions of Java..?
Kid says: Marjava and Mitjava.



Teacher: Now, Sam, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?
Sam: No sir, I don’t have to, my mom is a good cook.


English |

Indian Air Force - IAF pilots training camp advice:
"Always try to keep the number
of landings you make
equal to the number of take
offs you make."


English |

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