Teacher: Batao Parle-G biscuit ke pack par jo green dot bana hota hai
uska kya matlab hai..??
Santa : Sir iska matlab hai ki Parle Sahab abhi Online hain..


Hindi |

Teacher: Batao Parle-G biscuit ke pack par jo green dot bana hota hai
uska kya matlab hai..??
Santa : Sir iska matlab hai ki Parle Sahab abhi Online hain..


Hindi |

An oversmart Girl Updated her Status on facebook .

1st Boy Commented: What happened Babes?
Am there for you ??

*She Blocked Him*

2nd Boy Commeted: aawww My Baby, I Love you ♥
Please don't Cry :(

*She Blocked Him too*

3rd Boy Commeted: Hat be :O Jab Dekho Roti rehti hai
facebook pe..!

*She Blocked him too*

4th Boy Commented: Kya hua Dear??
Kya Main Aap ki Kuch Help karu..??

She Commented back:
Inbox mein Batati hun..!! :)

*This Time The Boy Blocked Her*

- Tarun Goma


English |

Most common chat on facebook :
Boy: hey (after few second boy thinks kamini reply to degi hi nahi)
Girl: hey hi (aa gaya kamina)
Boy: hows u? (chudail ko kya hoga bhala)
Girl: m fine (puch to aise raha hai jese hospital me admit hu)
Boy: bf hai? (kamini sb ko add karti hai kitno ko fasa ke rakha hoga)
Girl: kyu btau? (kamina shuru ho gaya line marna)..

- Amritpal Singh

Hindi |

What if the number of facebook likes i get
isn't a direct indication of my worth as a human being..?


English |

Find someone who will change your life ,
not just your relationship status..


English |

New age poem :

Chatting chatting.?
Yes Papaaa.
With new girl friends.?
No Papaaa.
Telling lies.?
No Papaaa.
Open your facebook ..
Ha ha ha..!


English |

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