Love is like a rubber band
held at both ends by two people.
when one leaves, it hurts the other..


English |


Dil do tarah ka teri mohabbat mein chahiye,
raahat mein ek, ek musibat mein chahiye,
ek ijtirabe-shok tabiyat mein chahiye,
jo kuch na chahiye woh mohabbat mein chahiye,
kuch lag kuch lagav tabiyat mein chahiye,
dono tarah ka rang mohabbat mein chahiye,
butgar se iltija ai ki de de bana ke woh,
pathar ka dil kisi ki mohabbat mein chahiye,
subhe sabbe firak na ho jaaye shama gull,
koi sharike haal musibat mein chahiye..
- Daagh Dehlvi


Urdu |

Hawa hun..main har dum aazaad hun
lakh kar le koshish juda hone ki
teri saanson mein hun main
mehsoos karo to paaoge
tujhme hi hun main..


Hindi |

Ishq da jisnu khwaab aa jaanda hai,
samjho waqt kharaab aa jaanda hai,
mehboob aave ya na aave..
par taare ginan da hisaab aa jaanda hai.



Kashish teri mujhe le hi aai
waasta is jahaan se kuch tha nahi
aa mohlat-e-sukoo'n ataa kar
roshni se teri bismil kar..


Urdu |

Difficult to tell what Loving is like..
Impossible to tell what Missing is like..
May you never Miss whom you Love , &
May whom you Love Miss you always..



Aankhein aapki pehchan hai humari,
muskaan aapki shaan hai humari,
hifazat se rakhna apne aapko,
kyoki saanse aapki jaan hain humari..

- Mini


Hindi |

Dil jeet le woh jigar hum rakhte hain,
katal kar de woh nazar hum rakhte hain,
wada kiya hai kisi se humesha mukurayenge,
warna hum bhi aankho me samundar rakhte hain..

- Mini

Hindi |

Love is not about holding hands while you understand each other,
it's about having many misunderstandings
and still not leaving each others hand..


English |

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