What's round on each end and high in the middle..?



English |


If you make a new years resolution
to not keep any new years resolutions
would you keep it?


English |

A Challenge for you to Rearrange the Following Words:
Karnemd (place)
Laebaba (bird)
Sondelo (food)
Peoahygrg (subject)
Rabe (animal)
Are you a genius..? Reply me must.


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Woh kaun si sabji hai
jiska pehla lafz hata de to ek kimtee cheez ka name,
last hata de to sweet dish aur dono hata dein to ladki ka name banta hai..??

Find answer in details..

If you remove K it becomes HEERA which means diamond.
If you remove A it becomes KHEER which is an Indian sweet dish.
If you remove both K and A it becomes HEER, name of girl.


Hindi |

A man arrived on Friday in a small town.
He stayed for two days and left on Friday.
How is this possible..?

His horse's name is Friday..!


English |


Answer this: Black is a color.
White is a color.
But black and white is not a color tv.



_____ lady market mein
_____ lene gayi.
_____ lekar uski
_____ gir gayi,
usko ek _____ mila
usne uski _____ uthaai aur
lady ko di.
Only one word fits all blanks.
Test ur brain.



हु-ब-हु का क्या मतलब होता है ?

उत्तर : किसकी बहु (who bahu) ?


Hindi |

Two persons are drowning in a river.
One is whom you love and the other is who loves you.
Whom will you save and why..?

To love someone is a natural instinct.
To be loved by someone is luck.
To live with someone you love is achievement.
To live with someone who loves you is life !!



There´s a man who lives in a flat on the twentieth floor.
He uses the elevator only until the 9th floor,
where he has to continue walking upstairs until reaching his floor.
But if it is raining he can go in elevator until the twentieth floor.
Who do you think he is..?

Click details for answer if you are logged in.

He's too short to reach the button for the higher floors.
However, on rainy days, when he's carrying his umbrella,
he pushes the 20th floor button with the tip of the umbrella.


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Name the animal which is exactly like dog but
walks on three legs..?

Answer: Langdaa kutta. (a lame dog)


English |

What is the biggest moth in the world ..?

Click details to find answer.

a mammoth..


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