Santa and Banta bought a horse each.
Santa : How will we know which is your & which is mine?
Banta: Easy, I'll cut mine's tail, yours will be the one with tail.

This was heard by a few boys, they cut the other's tail too.
Next morning the confusion continued.
Banta: Don't worry, I'll tie a bell around its neck, yours will be the one without the bell.

The boys heard this also & cut the bell. The next day, Banta got frustrated & said
"Okay now the last criterion, white will be yours & black will be mine."


English |

Santa baraf ka tukda haath mein le kar
gaur se dekh raha tha.
Banta asked: Kya kar rahe ho?
Santa : Dekh raha hun leak kaha se ho raha hai..



Santa went to an electrical shop.
Santa : 2 panke dena; 1 ladies aur 1 gents.
Salesman: Pankhon mein ladies aur gents nahi hota.
Santa : Kaise nahi hote..1 Bajaj ka de aur 1 Usha ka..


Hindi |

Santa to Doctor:
Mainu ik problem hai,
gall karde hoe mainu aadmi dikhaai ni sujhdaa.
Doctor: Aisa kab-kab hota hai?
Santa : Phone karte waqt .....



Santa was commiting suicide.
Banta: Ki hoya?
Santa : Yaar, meri biwi bhaag gayi mere dost ke saath.
Banta: To tu doosri shaadi kar le, suicide kyon?
Santa : Oye banteyaa main apne dost ke bina nahi reh sakta.



Couple in theatre:
Husband : Darling, mujhe to tumhaari aatma se pyaar hai,
tumhaara jism to main kutton ko daal dun!!
Santa sitting on back seat: BHOW BHOW..BHOW BHOW..



How did Santa tried to kill a bird..?
He took it to the top of a building &
dropped it from there to die..



Santa ki biwi Behosh Ho Gayi.
Doctor: Ye Mar gayi Hai.
Jab Usko Jalane Lage to Wo Boli: Main Zinda Hu.
Santa : Chup-chap Padi Reh gawar,
tu Doctor Se Zyada Janti hai kya.


Hindi |

santa ko sapne me kisi ne goli maar di!!
2nd day santa ne apna bank account close karwa diya kyonki
bank mein likha tha - hum aapke sapno ko hakikat mein badal denge.



Santa kudi nu: Ki tu meri valentine banengi..?
Kudi: Eh jutti vekhi hai..?
Santa : Marjaaniye, main Romeo-Juliet banaan nu firdaa,
sittu mochi di daastaan nahi.


Punjabi |

Santa : Jab main mar jaun to samne waali family ko jaroor bulana.
Banta: Kyon..?
Santa : Unke ghar ki ladies murde ko japhian paa-paa kar roti hain..


Hindi |

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