Munna Bhai to Circuit - Kya kar rela circuit ?
Circuit - Bhai bulb pe baap ka naam likh rela.
Munna - Kaiku ?
Circuit - Bhai, Maa boli baap ka naam roshan karne ka.


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Munna Bhai: Agar bina daanto waala kutta kaat le
to kya karne ka..?
Circuit: Bole to..bina sui ke 14 injection lene ka bhai.



Mohabbat ek se ho to bholapan hai
do se ho to bachpana hai
teen se ho to diwaanapan hai
char se ho to paagalpan hai
phir bhi counting na ruke to Kaminapan hai



Munna Bhai to Circuit - Kya kar rela circuit ?
Circuit - Bhai bulb pe baap ka naam likh rela.
Munna - Kaiku ?
Circuit - Bhai, Maa boli baap ka naam roshan karne ka.


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Ek baar ek aadmi apni behen ke saath market jaata hai.
beech raaste mein kuch tapori log baithe rehte hain.
Tapori log us aadmi ke saath maal ko dekh kar ek dum se chedte hain,
Woh aadmi ekdum bhadak jaataa hai,
lal peela hara ho jaataa hai,
aur phir chilla kar bolta hai,



Ab itni night ko apun tere ko
kisi movie ki kahani sunaane ke liye
message to karega nahi.
Common sense ki baat hai ki
tere ko Good Night bolne ka hai.
Chal ludak le..


Hindi |

Top Common Tapori Terms of Everyday Use

Wat le, Khisak le, Kat le, 3-2-11 ho le
are Synonyms which means
to depart politely

Waat lagna, lag gai, means heavy trouble

Satak li, satkeli, hilela are synonyms
which means gone mad.

Bhains ki aankh is used to denote exclamation.

Bidoo means Brother or Friend

Chipak le means to go along

Machchar refers someone with a weak physique

Nikal padi means started earning handsome profits

Raapchik means gorgeous

Khaali-Peeli means without any valid reason

Chameli, Funty means Girl Friend

Khajoor means Idiot..


Hindi |

In EnglisH - GooD NighT .,
In DesI - ShubH RatrI.,
In UrdU - ShabbA KhaiR.,
In KannaD - YarA NadI.,
In TelugU - PanadanK opO.,
apuN ka stylE - ChaL LudaK le.



Oye chikni, apun ko tere sms nahi aa rele
apun ki khopdi bot garam ho reli hai
bole to nikalu kya tera lucky draw
chal jaldi se 2-4 jhakaas msg chipkaa daal
nahi to apun aa rela hai..


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