Banta: What makes you so excited about Diwali
when you won't wear new clothes
you won't eat sweets and
won't do decoration, lighting or crackers ?
Santa : Receiving Gifts !


English |


Is-se pehle ki diwali ki shaam aa jaaye,
badhaayion ka silsila aam ho jaaye,
bheed mein shaamil humaara bhi naam ho jaaye,
kyun na abhi se diwali ka salaam ho jaaye.


Hindi |

With gleam of Diyas & the echo of the Chants
May Happiness and Contentment fill your life .
Wishing you n your family
A Very Happy n Prosperous Deepawali.


English |

रौशनी दिवाली की देश के दीयों से हो
इसमें मेरे वतन की मिट्टी है
पड़ोसी की LED से जाने क्यों
बारूद की महक आती है ..


Hindi |

3 Log aapka phone number maang rahe the,
maine nahi diya.
Par aapke ghar ka PATA de diya hai

woh "DIWALI" per aayenge

unke name hain-



Hindi |


May the Festival of dazzling Lights
Sparkle your life with
Health, Wealth and Happiness.


English |

Now Deepawali is over.
But i wish n pray for you
that you enjoy everyday as a Deepawali
with Peace n Happiness..
Be Happy .. Take Care..


English |


गया दशहरा और दिवाली आने को तैयार
मौसम रहा बदल भैया कहीं हो ना जाओ तुम बीमार
मम्मी-डैडी से कहना रोज़ बादाम खिलाना
दिवाली मनाने संग हमारे आना ..


Hindi |

This occassion gives YOU
D - Dhan
I - Ishwarkrupa
P - Prassidhi
A - Arogya
V - Vaibhav
A - Aishwarya
L - Lavanya
I - Ishwarsiddhi
Shubh Dipavali


Hindi |

Deepawali the Festival of Lights
gives you the reason to aspire
for a life full of shine and glitter!!
Wishing you and your family
a fun-filled Deepawali this year..


English |


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