Today is World Poetry Day marks the importance of poetry in our lives.

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अब तो यह मुल्क भी ग़ुलाम नहीं
ज़रा इत्मीनान से दफ्तर आने दो साहब ..

Now not even this country is slave
let me come to office little late..


Hindi |

My Boss texted me: Oye, joke bhej..
I replied: Sir, abhi main kaam kar raha hun, after sometime.
Boss replied: Mast tha, aur bhej.


Hindi |

PA: Sir, Aap Office Mein Shaadi Shuda Aadmiyon Ko Hee kyon rakhte hain..?
Boss : Kyonki Unhe Beizzati Sehne ki Aadat Hoti hai.


Hindi |

A good manager picks a dead mouse
puts it in a cage & tells everyone that
they have caught a lion alive.

A good leader picks a dead mouse
puts it in a plastic bag
to dispose off in the garbage.


English |

It is hard to soar with Eagles
when you work with turkeys.


English |

What's Self Insult?
Angry Boss : Tumne kabhi suar ka bachcha dekha hai?
Employee(Sar jhuka ke): Nahi Sir!

Boss : Neeche kya dekh rahe ho Idiot?
Meri Taraf Dekho...


Hindi |

A man was shouting at me today
and I was thinking what is the meaning of Baboon!!


English |

Boss to Santa : Finish this pile of files
and I will get you Employee of the Year.
Santa : Excuse me sir, I am a shy guy,
I don't want to come in lime-light..


English |

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