A scholar was lecturing when all the lights in the auditorium went out.
He asked members of the audience to raise their hands.
As soon as they had all complied, the lights went on again.
He then said,
"Prove wisdom of Old Chinese saying: 'Many hands make light work."


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Convent school ke bache zoo me:
Oh!! wow monkey is sleeping don't distub..
Govt. school ke bache:



Commerce professor asks a student:
What is the most important source
of finance for starting business..?
Student: Father-in-law


English |

Travel time from Jammu to Delhi
will now be reduced to just 6 hours but
from Delhi to Noida & Gurugram
can be 8 hours due to rains..


English |

Once in a jungle all animals were eating
Pan Paraag Pan Masala.
But Giraffe was not eating. Why ?
Because - Oonche Log Oonchi Pasand - Manikchand..


Hindi |

Pathan - Moulvi sahab, wazu ke baghair namaz ho jaati hai?
Moulvi - Nahi hoti.
Pathan - Ho jaati hai.
Moulvi - Bhai, nahi hoti.
Pathan - Ho jaati hai, maine khud padh kar dekhi hai..


Hindi |

Aaj subha unki gali se hum nikle,
ajeeb itefaq tha,
phool to fenka unhone,
GAMLAA bhi saath tha!



Haathi aur cheenti ki love marriage hui.
Doosre din hi haathi mar gaya.
Cheenti boli: Waah ri mohabbat ,
ek din love " id="link4" class="smsLink"> pyaar ke naam kiya aur
saari umar kabr khodne ka kaam diya!



Galat nazar se dekhoge
to har jagah kharaabi lagegi
aur sahi nazar se dekhoge
to har sunder ladki tumhaari bhabhi lagegi.
tumhaaraa bhai.



मैं गया उसकी गली में
बोला दिल से दिल लगा लो
जब देखा उसकी मम्मी को
तो बोला जूते - चप्पल ठीक करा लो ..

Main gaya uski gali mein
bola dil se dil laga lo
jab dekha uski mummy ko
to bola joote-chappal theek kara lo..


Hindi |

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