Khair, khoon, khaansi, khushi , baer, preeti, madya-paan,
Rahiman daabe na dabe, jaanat sakal jahaan.

Meaning: Prosperity, death, cough, happiness,
enmity, happiness and drinking cannot get hidden for long.


Hindi |

छिमा बड़न को चाहिये, छोटन को उत्पात ।
कह रहीम हरि का घट्यौ, जो भृगु मारी लात॥

Meaning: Forgiveness should be a trait of elderly.
अगर छोटे शरारत करें तो बड़ों को क्षमा कर देना चाहिए।
जिस प्रकार क्रोधित भृगु ऋषि ने विष्णु जी की छाती पर लात मारी परन्तु फिर भी विष्णु जी को क्रोध नहीं आया, बल्कि उन्होंने अपनी गलती के लिए क्षमा माँगी ।


Hindi |

बड़े बड़ाई ना करें , बड़ो न बोलें बोल
रहिमन हीरा कब कहै , लाख टका है मोल ..

Meaning: Those who are big do not praise of themselves like a diamond never says that it's billion dollar.


Hindi |

रहिमन कुटिल कुठार ज्यों, करि डारत द्वै टूक
चतुरन को कसकत रहे, समय चूक की हूक

Those who do not value time and miss an opprtunity will only repent.
As a sharp axe cuts wood into two, same way a missed opportunity
gives pain in heart of intelligent people and they keep repenting
through rest of their lives but time doesn't comes back.
To do anything thing is better then current time.
If you want to do something do it now.


Hindi |

Raheeman dhaga prem ka mat todo jhatkaae,
tute se fir na jude, jude gaanth pad jaae..

- Md. Sharfuddin


Hindi |

रहिमन जगत बड़ाई की , कूकुर की पहिचानि
प्रीति करै मुख चाटई , बैर करे तन हानि ..

Meaning: If you want to earn goodwill then you need to be away from bad people like if you go too much near to a dog, it will lick your face and if you shoo it away then it will bite.


Hindi |

रहिमन करि सम बल नहीं , मानत प्रभु की धाक ।
दांत दिखावत दीन ह्वै , चलत घिसावत नाक ।।

There is no one who is more stronger than elephant who is courteous enough and remains under power of supreme lord. The elephant shows his teeth and walks rubbing his nose to ground as a symbol of courtesy towards God.


Hindi |

Rahiman gali hain saankri, dujo na tehraahin,
aapu ahhe to hari nahi, hari to aapun nahi.

Meaning: To embrace universal love or God
one has to leave ego aside.


Hindi |

रहिमन चाक कुम्हार को , मांगे दिया ना देई
छेद में डंडा डारि कै , चहै नांद लै लेई..

Meaning: If someone requests a potter's wheel to make an earthen lamp then it won't but if you will put a stick into it's hole then can make even a pot. Ghosts of kicks not listening to talks..लातों के भूत , बातों से नहीं मानते ..


Hindi |

Kaagad ko so pootra, sehaje mein ghul jaaye,
rahiman yeh achraj lakho, sou khenchat baae..

Rahim tells that the human body is just like a paper toy that easily gets dissolved in water.
He says that it's a matter of surprise that how a toy breathes.
Through this Rahim wants to strengthen the fact that it's with the power of God that
human life exists.

To anyone who has got an inclination towards the mysteries of life.

Any time of the day..Avoid that day to be recipient's birthday.


Hindi |

Jo Rahim uttam prakriti, ka kari sakat kusang,
chandan vish vyaapat nahi, lapte rehet bhujang.

जो रहीम उत्तम प्रकृति, का करि सकत कुसंग ।
चन्दन विष व्यापत नहीं, लपटे रहत भुजंग ।।

Meaning: Bad company do not harm the wise or people of high character.
It's just like as sandal remains unaffected of poison
even when snakes keep clinging to it.


Hindi |

जाल परे जल जात बहि , तजि मीनन को मोह ।
रहिमन मछरी नीर को , तऊ न छांड़ति छोह ।।

When net is thrown then water flows out setting aside affection for fishes but fishes die on getting separated from their beloved water. Fishes do not care that water has left them.


Hindi |

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