Smiles are the birds which fly from face to face
May ur lips give them the best nest
so they can live there FOREVER.




Sher pinjre mein
Cycle raste pe
Kitab baste mein
Balla ground mein
Teer kamaan mein
Taraazu dukaan mein
Laalten makaan mein
Patang aasmaan mein rahe
ae mere hum-dum tere chehre pe muskaan bani rahe..


Hindi |

Toughest moments of life are not those
when tears come out of your eyes but
the one when you lose something and
still manage to smile..


English |

Teri khushiyon pe muskurane ko jee chahta hai,
ho agar dard tumhe to aansu bahane ko jee chahta hai,
aapki muskurahat hi itni pyaari hai,
ke har baar hansane ko jee chahta hai..


Hindi |


Hey listen .. Today she was asking me ur details !
I gave her ur cell no..
She'll be visiting U soon,
Her name is
I think she came!!



Smile to old means respect,
smile to child means innocense,
smile to friends means care,
smile in front of mobile means..
"Beta, chakkar koi aur hai"



Smile in pleasure, Smile in pain,
Smile when trouble spours like rain,
Smile when someone hurt you,
Smile because someone miss you.




6u!l!ws d33>l
6u!l!ws d33>l
6u!l!ws d33>l
6u!l!ws d33>l
Reverse n read!!!!!



The difference between Smile & Your face is that
Smile is something Nice to see on Your face but
Your face is something nice too see always,
Even without Smile.



Smile is a language of love
Smile is a way to get success
Smile is to win hearts
Smile improves your personality
So brush regularly..




Hi! Can you do me a favour please,
if you are not busy,
if you don't mind,
if it doesn't take much of your time, and
if you can do it for me,
can you..
SMILE Please..?



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