Is-se pehle ki is varsh ka antim suraj ast ho,
isse pehle ki 2006 ka calendar nasht ho,
aur isse pehle ki mobile network vyast ho,
Dua hai ki aane waala saal aapke liye,
Zabardast Ho.


Hindi |

Itni choti nahi dosti humaari,
kaise soch liya kinaara aa gayaa,
lo phir ho gayi aapke mobile mein roshni,
ek baar phir sms humaaraa aa gaya..



Aapka chehre par kya Sweet Smile hai,
haath mein kya Raapchik Mobile hai,
Mobile mein SMS ki kya Jhakkas File hai,
phir bhi SMS na karna kya Bhaav Khaane ka Style hai..??



Naalaayaki ki 3 Nishaaniyan:
1. Hamesha free SMS padhte rehna.
2. Mobile incoming per lambi baat karna.
3. Neeche mat padhna.
Jo baat manaa karo wahi karna.



Duniya mein sirf 7 cheez famous hai,
bole to 7 wonders:
1. Apun
2. Apun ka dil
3. Apun ka style
4. Apun ka smile
5. Apun ka mobile
6. Apun ka sms
7. Aur apun ka dost
Bole to TUM!!



Grahambel found telephone..
Edison found electric bulb..
Marconi found radio..
Columbus found america..
tu bas mobile nu angootha maari ja, Nalaayak!



Pati mobile , Patni Sim-card.
Dono mile to hua recharge.
Beta hua to incoming,
Beti hui to outgoing.
Agar kuch na hua to missed call.



Mera dil itna bada hai......
itna bada hai.........
itna bada hai.........
itna bada hai.........
chal rehne de, tere mobile ka screen chota hai..!



Kyon rakhta hai yaad numbron ko,
log to chehre tak bhool jaate hain,
hamaare naam to kar lete hain mobile mein feed,
per phone to doooor sms tak karna bhool jaate hain.



9 arab 89 crore
10 lakh 69 thousand
and 004.
Daro mat, yeh mera bank balance nahi
mobile no. hai..!!



New punishment for mobile owners
missed call karne ke liye kaala paani,
sms karne ke liye faansi,
call karne ke liye umar-quaid
But u need not worry,
Kanjoos ko to ek lakh ka inaam hai.



A scientist cannot be a president but Kalam did it.
A conductor cannot be a superstar but Rajini did it.
A monkey cannot operate mobile , but u mere lal..
mind blowing..u did it..



Why India is not yet developed?
Though population is 100 crore?
Because 7.9 crore are retired,
30 crore in state government jobs,
17 crore in central government jobs
(Both don't work efficiently).
1.1 crore IT professional
(They don't work for India).
25 crore in school,
2 crore under 5 years,
15 crore unemployed,
1.2 crore you can find anytime in hospitals.
Statistics say 79,99,997 people are in jail.
Rest two are you and me.
You are busy with your mobile .
How can i handle India alone..?



Smile to old means respect,
smile to child means innocense,
smile to friends means care,
smile in front of mobile means..
"Beta, chakkar koi aur hai"



English mother: Good night , dear.
Hindi mother: Shubh raatri, beta.
Punjabi mother: So ja kuteya,
mobile da kheda chadd de,
rakh de apne peo nu hun..


Punjabi |

Diya hai upar wale ne mobile ,

yaar itni to kadar kiya karo,

Beshak na karo koi call,

Par har roz do-char sms to kiya karo...



Vidaai ke time DULHE ka mobile baja,

DULHAN ne thapad maar diya....?

Ringtone thi-

"Dil me chupake pyar ka armaan le chale,
hum aaj apni maut ka saaman le chale"



Bulb jagaun naal savera nahi hunda
Batti band hon naal hanera nahi hunda
Malko kade "SMS " vi kar lea karo
Mobile ch number save karna hi bathera ni hunda..



Result Agar Achha ho to:
Teacher: Hoshiyar bachcha hai
Maa: Bhagwaan ki kripa hai
Papa: Beta kiska hai
DOST : Chal daaru peete hain.
Result Agar Bura ho to:
Teacher: Padhai mein dhyaan hi nahi tha
Maa: AAG lage iss Mobile ko
Papa: Laad pyar ne Bigaad diya
DOST : Chal daaru peete hain.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Duniya badal jaati hai par DOST nahi badalte.



Young generation ko sabse zada tention kab hoti hai???
Jab wo so kar uthe or unka mobile mummy k pas ho..
mummy hum sirf dost hain!



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