Difference between ability and character:
Ability can take you at the top
It is character which keeps you at the top..




Life sometimes takes unknown turn,
don't b afraid 2 travel it.
Someday that turn will take u to
untouched heights on top of the world .



Jeevan ka sabse bada rog,
"Kya Kahenge Log.."


Hindi |


We are what our thoughts have made us;
so take care about what you think.
Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.
- Swami Vivekananda


English |

Two best secrets for keep growing in professional life ..!
Whenever you are wrong: Always start acting like boss .
Keep shouting on others..!
Whenever you are right: Just Keep the last work continued..!



The happiest people
don't have everything in life ..
They just make the best of everything
that life brings their way..



सबके दिल में प्यार का अरमान बन कर जी सकूं,
मुश्किलें में भी कभी आसान बन कर जी सकूं,
मुझसे मेरी जात, मजहब, नाम सब कुछ छीन लो,
जिससे मैं इंसान, बस इंसान बन कर जी सकूं..

- Vikas Umrao


Hindi |

Never be proud nor be depressed for what you are and
for the position you hold because
after the game of chess
the king and soldiers go into the same box..



बीज बो दो फूल खिलकर चमन को बहार देंगे और
दिशा दे दो ये नौजवान मिलकर राष्ट्र को सवार देंगे..


Hindi |

Har Insan Dil ka bura nahi hota,
Har koi insan Bewafa nahi hota,
Bujh jaate hain diye aksar apni hi galtiyo se,
Har baar kasur Hawa ka nahi hota..


Hindi |

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