Difference between ability and character:
Ability can take you at the top
It is character which keeps you at the top..




Not where others fail, or do or leave undone,

The wise should notice what himself has done or left undone. - Gautama, the Buddha


English |

A tongue has no bones
but it is strong enough
to break a heart .
Be careful with your words.


English |

Just when a caterpillar thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly..


English |

life never seems to be the way we want it,
but we live in the best way we can.
There's no perfect life but
we can fill it with perfect moments.....




Three Things to Watch:
Beauty, Behaviour, Action
Three Things to Control:
Tongue, Temper, Temptation
Three Things to LOVE :
Purity, Honesty, Hard Work
Now send it to Three lazy people as i did..


English |

अक्सर लोगों के मोबाइल चोरी हो जाते हैं
या फिर तेज़ bike से छीने जाते हैं
साहब रिपोर्ट में गुमा हुआ लिखवाते हैं
कौन जाने उनमें से कितने ही मिल पाते हैं
आखिर क्यों चोरी के मोबाइल network coverage पाते हैं
क्यों नहीं वो permanent lock हो जाते हैं
क्यों वो service centre गए बिना factory reset हो जाते हैं
क्यों उनके parts grey market में बिक जाते हैं
साहब मोबाइल ढूंढें कैसे
इस शहर में लापता कई दर्जन आदमी मिल नहीं पाते हैं ..


Hindi |

Achchhe Rishto Ko Vaado Aur Sharto
Ki Zarurat Nahi Hoti,
Uske Liye Sirf 2 khoobsurat Log Chahiye,
Jinme Ek Bharosa Kar Sake Aur
Dusra Use Samajh Sake..


Hindi |

listen and Silent are two words
with the same letters and
are very important for
every relationship because
only a few people in this world can
listen to you when you are silent..



We should take inspiration from the waves,
they rise n fall
but each time they fall
they never fail to rise again.



What is trust?????
Trust is a feeling that a one year child has,
when u throw him in thr air,
he laughs because he knows that you will catch him, without falling.



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