Santa ne apni nayi girlfriend k
kandhe pe 1st time hath rakha aur
bahut dhire se nervously bola: "I love u"
Girlfriend-"zor se Bolo''
Santa -"JAI MATA DI"



Santa returns book to library, bangs it on table & says - What a shit..?
"I read the whole book, too many character, no story at all"..?
Librarian: So, you are the one who took the Telephone Directory..


English |

Santa was reading a blank paper.

Banta: ye kya hai.

Santa : meri glfrnd ka luv leter hai.

Banta: magar ye to khali hai. Santa : ajkal hum bat nahi karte.



Santa underwear lene gaya.
Dukaandaar ne usko Rs. 500 ka underwear dikhaya.
Santa : Roz pehn-ne wala de,
party wear nahi chaahiye.



Santa first time travelling in plane.
Plane began to run on run-way.
Santa got angry and said,
"Saalio, jahaaz ta agge hi char ghante late aa,
te tussi sadko-sadki paa liya."



Santa kudi nu: Ki tu meri valentine banengi..?
Kudi: Eh jutti vekhi hai..?
Santa : Marjaaniye, main Romeo-Juliet banaan nu firdaa,
sittu mochi di daastaan nahi.


Punjabi |

Kaale Badal chaaye hoye c te sante nu apni gf to thappar pe gaya...


Kyoki ohne gana gata
"Aaj din chadya tere rang varga"..


Punjabi |

How a romantic jatt will propose a girl?????
Teri boothi local bus wargi, mera ticket kataaun nu jee kardaa,
teri tor ni sohniye meri majh vargi, mera sangal paun nu jee kardaa.



Do bhoot galaan kar rahe si.
Pehla bhoot: Yaar tu kadi sardaar dekhe ne?
Doosra bhoot: Sardaar-sardoor kuch ni hunde,
sab mann da vehm hai, dari na.



Banta: Cigarette pe 2 metre pipe laga kr pe raha tha.
Santa : Tu pipe laga kar cig Q pe raha hai..?
Banta: Doctor ne kaha, Cig-Bidi se dur rehna.

- Tarun Goma


Hindi |

Santa wanted to make an STD call to Hoshiyarpur
but it was too expensive.
Can u guess what he did..?
He went to hosiyarpur and
made a local call.
Bolo tara ra ra..!!



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