Words From the pages of my Life :-
Maturity is not when we start speaking "Big Things",
It's when we actually start understanding "Small things".

- Hemant Singh

English |


People often feel something but
express something else.
They mean something but
say something else.
One should learn the art of saying nothing
in such a way..
that it leaves nothing unsaid.



Cheating is like eating fast food.
You might enjoy it at the time,
but later you’ll feel a churning in your stomach &
wish you never done it!


English |

Two best secrets to keep relationships strong...!

Whenever you are wrong -Always Admit it...!


Whenever you are right -Just Keep Quiet...!




तालीम अधूरी ही रही
ना बुत्त जान पाये
हाफ़िज़ ने कहा जो बोले ना
और हम जो ना सुने मान आए ..


Hindi |

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge,
argument is an exchange of ignorance..


English |

Today will never come again.
Be a blessing, be a friend .
Encourage someone.
Take time to care.
Let your words heal and not wound.


English |

A dog has lots of friends because
he wags his tail and not his tongue..


English |

लोग ऐसे भी इस बस्ती में
जिन्हें नज़र तो आता है
मगर नज़रिया नहीं
यहाँ चेहरों की रौनक बढ़ाने की ख़ातिर
हज़ार नुस्ख़े आज़माये जाते हैं ..


Hindi |

Meri gurbat ne udaaya hai mere fun ka mazaq,
teri daulat ne tere aeb chupa rakhe hain..


Urdu |

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