Man masters nature not by force but by understanding.
- Jacob Brownowski


English |

Never say thanks to someone who loves you,
Never say bye to someone who really needs you,
Never blame a person who really trusts you, &
Never forget a person who always remembers you..



ज़मींदोश होने के लिए खड़ा है आदमी
ख़ुद से ही अनजान बना है आदमी
सतरंगी रौशनी को छूने की चाहत में
मिट्टी के खिलौनों से खेलना भूल गया है आदमी ..


Hindi |


Discussion is an exchange of knowledge,
argument is an exchange of ignorance..


English |

Five important lessons to learn from a humble pencil:
1st- It tells you that everything u do will always leave a mark.
2nd- U can always correct the mistakes u can make.
3rd- What's important is what is inside u & not outside of u.
4th- In life u will undergo painful sharpenings which will make u better in what u do.
Lastly, to be the best u can be, u must allow urself to be held and guided by the hand that holds u.



मैं देता रहा दलीलें इंसाफ की उम्मीद में
मगर वो भी क्या कम थे
हर बार हमारी उम्र को तजुर्बे से जोड़ देते थे ..


Hindi |

Apne Ghum Ki Numaish Na Kar,
Apne Nasib Ki Aazmaish Na Kar,
Jo Tera hai khud Aayega Tere Paas,
Har roz oose pane ki khwaish Na Kar.


Hindi |

Three Things to Watch:
Beauty, Behaviour, Action
Three Things to Control:
Tongue, Temper, Temptation
Three Things to LOVE :
Purity, Honesty, Hard Work
Now send it to Three lazy people as i did..


English |

ना कोई किसी से दूर होता है
न कोई किसी के पास होता है
रिश्ते खुद चलके आते हैं
जब कोई किसी के नसीब में होता है ..


Hindi |

जीवन में उपर उठते हुए, सभी लोगो से अदब से पेश आये ..!!
क्युंकी नीचे गिरते समय आपको इन लोगो से दुबारा मिलना पड़ेगा ..!!

- Vikas Umrao

Hindi |

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