थोड़ी राहत मिली है
हैदराबाद के दोषी मारे हैं
उन्नाव और दिल्ली के दरिंदे अब भी ज़िंदा हैं
बोलो कब उनकी बारी है ??


Hindi |

मुझे चाँद पर जाने की ख़्वाहिश नहीं
दे सको तो निर्भया - दिशा के हत्यारों को फांसी दो
बहन - बेटी का हो जहाँ सम्मान ऐसा संसार दो ..


Hindi |

Hum dooor sahi..majboor sahi,
par yaad tumhaari aati hai,
tum saans wahaan par lete ho,
par badboo yahaan tak aati hai.




Things i like about u:
1. Your choice is very good (e.g. choosing me as friend )
Ab kya dekh rahe ho..?
Uske baad kabhi koi dhang ka kaam kiya hai..?



Eyes are good friends..
See together,
weep together,
close together.
But when a girl comes,
one eye starts blinking.
Moral- A girl can break good friendship .




Garmi ke mausam mein most importantly
Dhoop mein nikla na karo roop ki rani
gora rang kala na pad jaaye..


Hindi |

Kaaju, baadaam, akhrot, pista, kish-mish..
all dry fruits are tasty but
they are nothing in comparison to you..
Because abey KHAJOOR teri baat hi kuch aur hai!!



Just imagine life without girls..
Empty streets, silent markets
no crime, police at rest
no sms, mobile companies in losses
no flowers, no perfumes, no valentines
no suicides, no travelling
all the boys straight to Heaven ..


English |

Itna kaatil kaise sharmaa lete ho
ek baat to batana dost
bachpan se hi aise ho ya surat aisi bana lete ho..


Hindi |

Oh sms! jaake meri dost ko " I MISS U " kehna.
"SAVE" kare to "shukriya" kehna.
"DELETE" kare to "bevafa" kehna.
Aur agar "naa padhe" to us se "1 rupyaa" le lena!



Who is Hot?
It's U.
Who's Charming?
It's U.
Who's Sweetest?
It's U.
Who's Smart?
It's U.
Who's Darling of Millions?
It's U.
Zyaadaa udo mat, yeh message mujhe aaya tha..



Ae Khuda mere dost ko haathi ki taaqat
Sher ki aawaaz
cheete ki speed
aur hiran jaisa sundar roop dena.
baaki Khota Dimaag to pehle se uss ke paas hai.


Hindi |

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