Hum dooor sahi..majboor sahi,
par yaad tumhaari aati hai,
tum saans wahaan par lete ho,
par badboo yahaan tak aati hai.




Girls are like Internet Viruses,
they ENTER ur life ,
SCAN ur pockets,
EDIT ur mind,
DOWNLOAD their problems,
DELETE ur smile, and
HANG u forever..



Meri yaad aaye = Yaad Karo
Zyaada yaad aaye = SMS Karo
Aur zyaada yaad aaye = Phone Karo
Aur bhi zyaada yaad aaye = Milo
Us-se bhi zyaada yaad aaye = To please jhooth bolna band karo.



Eyes are good friends..
See together,
weep together,
close together.
But when a girl comes,
one eye starts blinking.
Moral- A girl can break good friendship .



If you have something to say, raise your hand.
Then place it over your mouth.


English |


Some things I like about u.....
1. ______
2. ______
3. ______
4. ______
5. ______
Arre kuch to achcha kiya hota zindagi mein!!



Tera blood group kya hai, urgently call karke bataa.
Mere dost ke kutte ka accident ho gayaa hai,
Dr. ne kahaa hai ki kisi aawaara kutte ka khoon chaahiye.



Yeh jo hasino ke baal hote hain,
ladkon ko fasaane ke jaal hote hain,
pee jaati hain saara khoon ladko ka,
tabhi to hoth itne laal hote hain!!!



Full form of Girl:
G : Gussa hamesha naak par
I : Itraane mein sabse aage
R : Rone ki autoMatic machine
L : Ladne mein sabki nani


Hindi |

Teacher: Which was the first silent film in Hindi?
Student: If the film was silent, how could you know it was hindi..??



Tum paas aaye,
Yun muskuraaye,
apne 32 daant,
mujhko dikhaaye,
dekh kar mera dil
phoot-phoot ke rota hai
yaar tumse BRUSH bhi
theek se nahi hota hai.



Replace your toothbrush
before it becomes


English |

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