Santa : Mujhe shadi mein BMW mili hai..!
Banta: Par tumhare pass toh koi car nahi hai..?
Santa :Abe gadhe, BMW ka matlab
Bahut Moti Wife ..


Hindi |

Banta: Cigarette pe 2 metre pipe laga kr pe raha tha.
Santa : Tu pipe laga kar cig Q pe raha hai..?
Banta: Doctor ne kaha, Cig-Bidi se dur rehna.

- Tarun Goma

Hindi |

Driver: Sir, which way to turn, left or right?
Santa : Jaha se tyre puncture ho jaaye ya gaadi kharaab ho jaaye.
Driver: Kya keh rahe ho sir..?
Santa : Haan, tabhi to main paise kam doonga.


Hindi |

Santa mango juice ka glass le k baitha tha.
Banta aaya aur fataak se juice pi gya.
Santa : Meri to yar kismat hi kharaab hai.
Banta: Kyon, kya hua?
Beta fail ho gya.
Biwi dost k saath bhag gyi,
Ghar mein chori ho gye,
Nal mein pani nahi,
Ghar mein light nahi,
Ab juice me Zehar daal k peene ko rakha tha,
aur WO BHI TU PI gaya.



Santa plane landing hote hi chillane laga..
Bangalore aaya..Bangalore aaya..balle balle!!
Airhostess: Excuse me sir, please be silent.
Santa : Ok, i am sorry,
Angalore aaya..angalore aaya..alle alle!!



One afternoon, Banta came to Santa 's home.
Santa : Chalo dinner karte hain
Banta: Par abhi to dopeher hai aur dopeher ko to lunch karte hain..?
Santa : Oh yara khana to kal raat waala hi hai na..


Hindi |

Santa was putting his head in a water tub.
Banta: What are you doing..?
Santa : It's not working
I am checking Puncture..


English |

Santa : Sir, meri patni mere saath baahar jaana chahti hai chhutti chahiye.
Boss : Nahi milegi.
Santa : Shukriya sir, jaanta tha musibat ke waqt aap hi kaam aayenge..!


Hindi |

Someone asks Santa : What is the meaning of
मन्नू भाई मोटर चली पम - पम - पम ..?

Santa : It means motor is faulty
रुक - रुक कर चलती है ..


Hindi |

Santa : Look Banta, what type of glasses they have made.
The top is closed. How can you fill lassi in it..?
Banta: Yes, that's funny. And even if you make a hole at the top,
how will the lassi stay in the glass when the bottom is open..?


English |

Santa samosa wichon aaloo aaloo kha reha si
te bahar da hisa sut reha si.
Banta puchda hai ke
tu samosa cho sirf aaloo aaloo kyun kha reha hai..?
Santa : Dr. ne mainu baahar di cheezan khan to manaa kita hai..


Punjabi |

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