Never make the same mistake twice,
there are so many new ones to make..
Try a different mistake each day.
Enjoy each day!!




A Bird siting on tree is not afraid of the branch breaking
his trust is NOT on the Branch bt on its OWN WINGS!
Belive in urself & win the World !



Laws are the spider's webs which,
if anything small falls into them they ensnare it,
but large things break through and escape.
- Solon


English |

Mann apna purana paapi hai,
barson mein namaazi ban na saka..


Hindi |

पराली जलाकर - पेड़ काटकर
अपने ही भाईयों का दम घोंटता रहा
और ज़्यादा पाने की चाहत में
फसलों में ज़हर घोलता रहा
यह सोच कर की कोई और सोयेगा
अपने ही ताबूत में कीलें ठोकता रहा ।।


Hindi |


Aspire to acquire the desire
that you admire.
But in the process if you prespire
then do not retire but re-fire to
acquire the desire that you admire.



We should take inspiration from the waves,
they rise n fall
but each time they fall
they never fail to rise again.



When u face Choices..

Just Toss a Coin..

Not because it solves the Question..
But while the Coin is in Air..
We will know."What our Heart is Hoping for?"



Achchhe Rishto Ko Vaado Aur Sharto
Ki Zarurat Nahi Hoti,
Uske Liye Sirf 2 khoobsurat Log Chahiye,
Jinme Ek Bharosa Kar Sake Aur
Dusra Use Samajh Sake..


Hindi |

Duty is not collective,
it is personal.


English |

A Mechanic was removing some engine parts
from a bike when he saw a Heart Surgeon in his shop.
He called the Surgeon and said:
Look at this engine.
I opend its Heart , took the valves out,
repaired and put them back.
So why do I get such a small salary and
you get such a huge sum.?
The Doctor smiled at the Mechanic and
came close to his ear and said:
Try the same thing when the engine is runing..


English |

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