All types of knowledge, ultimately mean self knowledge..
Bruce Lee: The Lost Interview (1971)


English |


Do not search for the truth;
only cease to hold opinions. - Jianzhi Sengcan (Sosan)


English |

As a fletcher makes straight his arrow,
a wise man makes straight his trembling and unsteady thought,
which is difficult to guard, difficult to hold back.


English |

A broken egg is worth an omelette only.


English |

Take no thought of who is right or wrong or who is better than.
Be not for or against.


Malayalam |


Sometimes when I'm going somewhere and I wait,
somewhere comes to me..


English |

A famous soldier came to the master Hakuin and asked:
"Master, tell me: is there really a heaven and a hell?"

"Who are you?" asked Hakuin.

"I am a soldier of the great Emperor's personal guard."

"Nonsense!" said Hakuin.
"What kind of emperor would have you around him?
To me you look like a beggar!"
At this, the soldier started to rattle his big sword in anger.
"Oho!" said Hakuin.
"So you have a sword!
I'll wager it's much too dull to cut my head off!"

At this the soldier could not hold himself back.
He drew his sword and threatened the master, who said:
"Now you know half the answer! You are opening the gates of hell!"

The soldier drew back, sheathed his sword, and bowed.
"Now you know the other half," said the master.
"You have opened the gates of heaven ."


English |

A monk asked Tianping Congyi,
"The mountains, rivers and the great earth -
from where did all of these things comes forth?"
Tianping replied, "From where did this question come forth?"


English |


Whoever recommends and helps a good cause
becomes a partner therein, and
whoever recommends and helps an evil cause
shares in its burdens..


English |

There is no need to worry & repent
as long as you are true
to your true self
without hurting anyone..


English |


ख़्वाहिशों के काफ़िलों की
मंज़िले नहीं हुआ करती ..


Hindi |

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