Today's Top 3 Pakau Shayaries-
1. Teri adao pe main jaun waari waari..
Dial 139 for railway enquiry.
2. Na jine ki aarzu na marne ka khauf..
The number you are trying is currently switched off.
3. Apne ghamon ko bas dil me daba lo..
Naya godrej powder hair dye, Bas kaato gholo aur laga lo.


Hindi |


Teacher: Beta, bataao to "TAMSO MAA JYOTIR GAMAYA" shlok ka kya arth hai?
Student: Tum so jaao maa, main JYOTI ke paas jaa rahaaa hun....



Engg. Student: Sir humne aisi cheez banayi hai jisse hum
deewar ke us paar bhi dekh sakte hain.....

Sir: Wow, fantastic! Kya hai woh?


- Vikas Umrao

Hindi |

The most ' heart breaking' moment of our childhood



Jab ghar aaye mehmaan humein 100 rupey dete they



Aur unke jaane ke baad mummy humse le leti thi..


Hindi |

Money may not be everything, but it sure keeps the kids writing to parents!
One college kid wrote home,
"Dear folks, I've been worried sick, because I haven't heard from you.
Please send me a check so I'll know you're okay."


English |

Heights of :
1) Fashion?
Lungi with a zip.
2) Laziness?
Asking lift for morning walk.
3) Craziness?
Get blank paper xerox.
4) Honesty?
Pregnant woman taking 2 tickets.
5) De-hydration?
Cow giving milk powder.
6) Hope?
A 99 yr. Old woman going for Rs. 295/- recharge to get lifetime incoming.
7) Stupidity?
Looking through key hole of a glass door.
8) Height of free time?
You are reading this whole message..


English |

What is attitude ..?
Three ants saw an elephant coming.
1st ant - We'll kill him.
2nd ant - We'll break his legs.
3rd ant - Leave him dude, he's alone,
and we r three.. that won't be fair.



Fatherhood is great because
you can ruin someone from scratch.
- Jon Stewart


English |

Ek bewafa ki khatir humne jam utha liya....


Fir kya..

bread pe lagaya or kha liya!!

Moral: Sabi ashik sharabi ni hote kuch BHUKHE bhi hote hain..


Hindi |

Guy in pub, with gal frnd...

Suddenly, he says:''I love U.!''

Gal frnd asks:''Is that U or the beer talking?''

He replies:''Its me Talking to the BEER.!!



Dream makes everything possible,
Hope makes everything work,
Love makes everything beautiful,
Smile makes all the above...
So always Brush Your Teeth.


English |

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