Today's Top 3 Pakau Shayaries-
1. Teri adao pe main jaun waari waari..
Dial 139 for railway enquiry.
2. Na jine ki aarzu na marne ka khauf..
The number you are trying is currently switched off.
3. Apne ghamon ko bas dil me daba lo..
Naya godrej powder hair dye, Bas kaato gholo aur laga lo.


Hindi |


Santa & Banta Safar Te Ja Rahe See,
Raste Wichoh Raat Ho Gayi
Te Oh Tent Laga Ke So Gaye,
Raat Nu Banta Di Akh Khuli
Ohne Santa Nu Jaga Ke Kiha
Asman Wal Dekh Ke Dass Tainu Ki Nazar Aa Riha Hai
Santa Boliya Bhut Sare Sittare
Banta Is To Ki Patta Lagda Hai
Santa : Assman Bhut Hi Khubsurat Hai Te Roshni B Hai
Banta: Oye Kanjra, Koi Sada Tent Putt Ke Lai Gya Hai..

- Tarun Goma

Punjabi |

Kashmir ki romantic waadiyon mein,
barfeeli hawaaon mein,
jheel ke kinaare baithe Raanjhe ko
Heer ne kya kahaa..??
Ve moeyaa Hero na ban..
Sweater pehen le.



I am on a Mission.
Mission to avoid you,
to forget you,
to get rid of you,
to not to talk or meet you,
in short - Mission Impossible..


English |

New Teacher:
Students tell ur name and hobbies.
Now Boys start:
I am Robert, My hobby is watching bubble in the bath tub.
I am Rohit, My hobby is watching bubble in the bath tub.
I am Raghu, My hobby is watching bubble in the bath tub.
Teacher: I wonder u all have same hobbies, next girl..
I am bubble.



Premi apni premika ki zulfon me aisa khoya
ki Behosh ho gaya.
Jab hosh aaya to Romantic ho kar pucha
Nahati kyu nahi hai?



Love Never Dies!!
It Remains Forever!!
n Forever..
n Forever..
n Forever..
Only Partner Changes..



World 's most painful shaayeri ever
full of grief and sorrow:
Dil mein chubhi sui..
dil mein chubhi sui..
dil mein chubhi sui..
........uui uui.



The old farmer was driving home from town.
In descending a hill, the horse stumbled and fell,
and either.could not, or would not,
get to its feet again.
At last, the farmer spoke savagely:
"Get up or i will drive over you."


English |

Lawyer: Now that we have won,
will you tell me confidentially
if you stole the money?
Client: Well, after hearing you talk in court yesterday,
I am beginning to think I didn't.


English |

Marriage involves mathematics for it -
Doubles joys,
Halves sorrows, and
Quadruples expenses.


English |

Galat nazar se dekhoge
to har jagah kharaabi lagegi
aur sahi nazar se dekhoge
to har sunder ladki tumhaari bhabhi lagegi.
tumhaaraa bhai.



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